6. Tis the season for Girl Scout cookie sales.

    Fact: One-quarter of all Girl Scout cookie sales are Thin Mints. There’s just something about the chocolate and mint combination that is unbeatable (that, and the fact that Thin Mints have the most cookies in a box). 

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  7. Americans eat, on average, more than 18 pounds of bacon per year. Even Christmas cannot escape our bacon obsession. Behold: Bacon flavored candy canes. These tasty treats are the perfect stocking stuffer for that bacon lover in your life, and let’s face: We all know someone who fits the bill.

    13 bacon-inspired products


  8. Just in time for lunch: The healthiest meal ever. Food experts from England set out to determine what the healthiest, most nutrient-packed meal in the world would actually look like. 4,000 health claims later, they’ve boiled it all down to one simple meal.

    The meal starts with a salmon terrine, which is smoked fish served with olive oil and a dusting of fresh herbs, alongside a mixed leaf salad with an extra-virgin olive oil dressing. Up next is a chicken and lentil casserole, accompanied by mixed veggies and a high-fiber multigrain roll on the side. Dessert is a vanilla-pudding-like blancmange, which consists of yogurt topped with walnuts and sugar-free caramel sauce.

    Not bad. But what makes this meal so healthy?


  9. As the New England Patriots and New York Giants square off this Sunday for Super Bowl XLVI, America’s estimated 113 million viewers will have something besides football and commercials on their minds: Food.

    • 2
      Ranking of Super Bowl Sunday among America’s top eating days, after Thanksgiving
    • 1.25 billion
      Chicken wings Super Bowl watchers will polish off Sunday
    • 100 million
      Pounds of meat in those chicken wings
    • 5
      Percent of the year’s 25 billion wings that will be consumed on Sunday
    • 2
      Times those Super Bowl Sunday chicken wings could circle the Earth if they were linked up in a chain

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