1. Quinoa, long the staple grain of the Andes, has become a hit with first-world foodies. Once only available in natural-food markets, quinoa is now on sale in grocery stores just about everywhere.

    But the “unpalatable truth" is that the appetite for quinoa in wealthy countries has pushed up its price so much that poorer Peruvians and Bolivians, who have had quinoa rich diets for generations, can no longer afford it.

    So… is eating quinoa evil?

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  2. A Japanese couple finalizes their divorce by smashing their wedding rings with a gavel. Japan’s divorce ceremonies have slowly grown in popularity since 2009, but they have reportedly tripled in the wake of the March earthquake. These unusual celebrations publicly mark a relationship’s termination before the couple officially files for divorce. Ex-grooms and ex-brides have said it’s more satisfying than just signing a paper.