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    Uganda and Nigeria have launched campaigns to ban homosexuality and throw gays in jail.

    Everything you need to know about Africa’s anti-gay crackdown




  6. To be sure, a national government’s primary responsibility is to serve the interests of its own people. And national interests — say, in security and material prosperity — can be morally legitimate. But the pursuit of those interests to the exclusion of all other considerations would amount to the kind of ruthless nationalist realpolitik that Vladimir Putin is now playing so successfully.
    — Nigel Biggar, in Yes, war can be just




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    The week’s best editorial cartoons


  11. The U.S. is squeamish about foreign military adventurism. But if Russia were to invade an Eastern Bloc country…would Americans support a military intervention in Ukraine?


  12. STEVE KELLEY Copyright 2014 Creators Syndicate

    The week’s best editorial cartoons


  13. “Since the end of the Cold War, America has been space’s sole superpower, and it’s not ceding that status without a fight. But in this hushed race for control of the orbit around Earth, China doesn’t need to control everything to win; it just needs to take away the U.S.’ strategic advantage. And it’s doing so by turning the U.S.’ own strength against it.”

    — Eugene Chow, in The U.S. is in an under-the-radar space race with China — and it’s losing