1. Satisfying, productive work is important for human flourishing, but so is taking breaks from work. We need a family life. We need away time. We need to put down our phones and clear our heads.

    How to fix our broken offices

    The internet hasn’t liberated us. It has shackled us.


  2. One senator recalled having to explain to a colleague that the legislation would not require insurance companies to pay for sex-change operations. Another spoke of phone calls from constituents who were convinced that their children could be taught in school by men wearing dresses.


  4. Only in America:

    Verizon claims to have caught an employee — “Bob” — outsourcing his daily coding duties to China so he could spend his time browsing Reddit, watching cat videos, and surfing eBay.

    (Source: theweek.com)


  5. There are some words you can never say… if you’re part of Apple’s in-store support team

    The word “freeze” is a no-no, it turns out, says CNET’s Josh Lowensoh. Instead, the guidebook insists on the following alternatives: “Unexpectedly quits,” “does not respond, or “stops responding.” Also banned: “Hot” (“warm” is preferred), “bug” or “problem” (“condition,” “issue,” or “situation” are better), and “eliminate” (instead, you “reduce” a problem). 

    In case you missed it, Tech blog Gizmodo leaked Apple’s official Genius Bar training manual. Here, four key revelations

    (Source: theweek.com)