2. By allowing workers’ brains to refuel and experience life outside of their cubicles, companies will see an increase in productivity and creative output.

    Why the U.S. needs to ban work email after hours

    Germany is onto something


  3. Satisfying, productive work is important for human flourishing, but so is taking breaks from work. We need a family life. We need away time. We need to put down our phones and clear our heads.

    How to fix our broken offices

    The internet hasn’t liberated us. It has shackled us.


  4. Vacations are increasingly being squeezed by our inability to disconnect and the pile of work we return to after the holiday ends. And our colleagues who stay behind aren’t faring much better. Scrambling to cover for absent employees, they try to keep productivity up even as someone crucial to their process is gone week after week.

    Why we should all vacation at the exact same time

    There’s even a scientific term for it: “collective restoration”


  5. The best desserts to eat at your desk

    Give your lunch dessert the respect it deserves




  8. "Despite lawsuits, the unpaid internship has come to seem like an inevitable fact of life. Some entry-level jobs, we hear, are too glamorous to pay. We learn that most young people, while eager, just aren’t prepared for the workforce. We are led to believe that the economy is still too weak to hire them; businesses want to pay, but budgets simply have no room.

    These three givens are actually myths, understandably embraced by employers, yet, more mysteriously, accepted as fact by the rest of us. So allow me to dispel them one by one.

    Phoebe Maltz Bovy, in The 3 big myths propping up unpaid internships


  9. 26%; 25%

    The percentage of survey respondents who have hooked up with exes over the holiday; and the percentage who think the best time to reveal secret feelings for a coworker is at a holiday party.  Yikes.

    Survey: ‘Tis the season for having sex with old flames and ruining your office reputation


  10. 50%-150%

    The potential increase in world economic activity from the free flow of workers across borders.

    How open immigration could double the global economy




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    It’s Monday. You’re probably trying to stay motivated. Here are a few tips that will help you be productive today:

    Have a great week!