1. How an awesomesauce new suffix came to be

    This etymology is seriously nerdsauce


  2. Sometimes English takes it a step too far, does something so brazen and shameless we can’t just let it slide.

    Why is “colonel” spelled that way?

    Blame the French — and a little tactic called “dissimilation”


  3. 29 adorable slang terms for sex (from the last 600 years)

    When it comes to the ol’ houghmagandy, a little mystery goes a long way


  4. 5 words that are badly broken

    Some words are born from strange splits that were never meant to happen


  5. Sakte-TV

    The Language Council in Norway chose sakte-tv (slow-TV), reflecting the popularity of shows like “National Wood Fire Night,” a four-hour discussion of firewood followed by an eight-hour broadcast of a crackling fire. Some of the good competitors were rekkeviddeangst (range anxiety) — the fear that the battery of your electric car will run out before you can get to a charging station — and revelyd (fox sound) because, of course, Ylvis.

    13 words of the year from other countries


  6. Niblings.

    A new term for your nieces and nephews. Use of this term seems to be growing among aunts and uncles who want an easy way to refer to their little bundles of sibling-provided joy in a collective or gender-neutral way.

    11 little-known words for specific family members


  7. It’s grammar quiz time. Which of the following uses of myself are acceptable?

    1. "You seem like a better version of myself."

    2. "I just want to be myself."

    3. "I haven’t seen any myself."

    4. "I myself haven’t seen any."

    5. "Myself, I haven’t seen any."

    6. "You would even say that to me myself?"

    7. "There are two others here besides myself."

    8. "He asked William and myself to do it."

    9. "He was a man as big as myself."

    10. "Myself, as director here, will cut the ribbon."

    11. "William and myself will be there."

    12. "Myself and William will be there."

    13. "I asked myself what I could do."

    14. "I directed all inquiries to myself."

    The answers?

    Not so simple.


  8. vengvaD paQDI’norgh tay yIghojmoH!

  9. If you get three people, one from Toronto, one from Buffalo, and one from Los Angeles, to stand next to each other and talk to you, you’ll know which one is from Buffalo right away, but you might have trouble telling which one is from Toronto and which one is from L.A.

    Dude. That’s a bit of a surprise… eh?


  10. Because

    The American Dialect Society’s Word of the Year, for its “new grammatical possibilities in informal online use,” and for no longer having “to be followed by ‘of’ or a full clause.”

    tl;dr version: Because reasons.


  11. Albedo

    From the Latin word for “whiteness”, the fraction of the sun’s rays reflected by the earth’s surface.  When it snows, more sunlight is reflected, which results in a lower air temperature.

    Here are 10 more fascinating winter weather terms


  12. Pad kid poured curd pulled cod.
    — The twistiest tongue twister that ever twisted—according to science.

  13. Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz

    The German word for “the law for the delegation of monitoring beef labeling.”

    Here’s how crazy-long German words are made.