1. Children learn as much by example as by instruction, and if mom is seen as in a weaker financial position than dad without any explanation, it will be hard to convince them that this isn’t the natural order of things.

    Your daughter needs to know that mom makes less than dad

    Don’t just brush your home’s inequality under the rug. Girls need to know what they’re up against.


  2. Adult women are able to make decisions about their own lives’ course no less than men are.


  4. Emma Watson threatened by hackers after delivering feminist speech

    This is what happens when you speak out about feminism




  7. A man should be moral, but women should be moral as well… [They] should not laugh loudly in front of all the world and should preserve [their] decency at all times.

  8. All of this reinforces the fact that abortion opponents will have to make the procedure all but illegal before the legal abortion rate will fall dramatically. In economic terms, abortion is inelastic — unaffected by price. Unfortunately, what’s about to happen in Texas won’t just increase the cost, it will make abortions nearly impossible to obtain.

    Why Texas’ abortion rates aren’t falling as quickly as everyone expected

    It’s not the first time a barrage of anti-abortion legislation hasn’t had the desired effect


  9. Yes, there is a distinction between criminal acts and violations of the league’s proscribed rules, rules that carry specific — if arbitrary — punishments. But if the justification for punishing each kind of off-field crime is that it’s necessary to defend the game’s “integrity” and ensure players act as role models, then the league is putting these disparate crimes under the same moral rubric.

    Ray Rice and the NFL’s insanely inconsistent discipline problem

    Rice’s laughable two-game suspension underscores the league’s capricious handling of its players’ crimes


  10. Robespierre, who is also the primary screenwriter of her directorial debut, makes the wise choice of not turning Donna’s pregnancy into some kind of special case that might justify abortion to people who are wishy-washy on the issue… The message is clear: Women should be able to experiment sexually without having to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term.

  11. This isn’t about rules or checklists, but rather a reminder that young women’s ability to wear whatever they want does not actually mean that they are really dressing the way they want. The culture they are surrounded by is working hard and fast against them, and the choice between skimpy and modest is no choice at all.

  12. Why was I so willing to put it all behind me, to think that just because I didn’t experience any residual trauma, that the situation didn’t merit rage, or even a memory? It’s disturbing how easy it is for all women, even feminist writers like myself, to accept a status quo where such incidents are easily forgotten and brushed aside.
    — Too many women have close-call assault stories. Here’s what I learned from mine.

  13. The fact is, there is something inherently unwise, and kind of 1-percent, about relying on such a small group of women to make the big changes that benefit us all. With women making up 60 percent of the minimum-wage workforce and 73 percent of tipped workers, there are more urgent needs than better female representation on the board.