1. They stick a big needle into your back and you jump and are sure you have just paralyzed yourself. The first needle is a shot to numb your skin and then a bigger, hollow needle goes in with a tiny tube that gets threaded into your spine.


  3. This behavior is nothing short of an online form of terrorism. Terrorism is an attempt to secure a political end by using violence and threats of violence against civilians. Murder and rape threats definitely count.

    How to stop misogynists from terrorizing the world of gamers

    Bashing women remains a favorite pastime of many male gamers. It’s time for that to change.



  5. 5 women who should be on U.S. currency

    It’s time, don’t you think?


  6. All of this reinforces the fact that abortion opponents will have to make the procedure all but illegal before the legal abortion rate will fall dramatically. In economic terms, abortion is inelastic — unaffected by price. Unfortunately, what’s about to happen in Texas won’t just increase the cost, it will make abortions nearly impossible to obtain.

    Why Texas’ abortion rates aren’t falling as quickly as everyone expected

    It’s not the first time a barrage of anti-abortion legislation hasn’t had the desired effect



  8. Here’s the thing about “real” bodies. We actually see them every day. Walk down the street. Go to a locker room. Or a beach. Real bodies are literally everywhere… [s]o these attempts aren’t about getting us to see more real bodies — they’re about getting us to engage in some communal affirmation that they are not only okay but also beautiful.

    Face it, ladies: We can’t all be beautiful

    There’s a scientific definition of beauty — and that’s a good thing


  9. Marvel’s new Thor will be a woman

    "The new Thor continues Marvel’s proud tradition of strong female characters," said editor Wil Moss in an official statement


  10. The gentlemen at Esquire have convinced themselves that by calling these mature women “hot,” they’re embracing women’s power. But really they are doing the opposite by joining the chorus of people demanding that women stay hot longer and longer.

  11. I like being in space because there are better parts for women in space. I don’t have to subject myself to just being the love interest or playing a character that doesn’t feel relevant to the story or playing a woman that doesn’t feel like an actual depiction of a real woman.

  12. Why was I so willing to put it all behind me, to think that just because I didn’t experience any residual trauma, that the situation didn’t merit rage, or even a memory? It’s disturbing how easy it is for all women, even feminist writers like myself, to accept a status quo where such incidents are easily forgotten and brushed aside.
    — Too many women have close-call assault stories. Here’s what I learned from mine.

  13. The fact is, there is something inherently unwise, and kind of 1-percent, about relying on such a small group of women to make the big changes that benefit us all. With women making up 60 percent of the minimum-wage workforce and 73 percent of tipped workers, there are more urgent needs than better female representation on the board.