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  2. Models parade with sheep down London’s Oxford Street in support of The Campaign for Wool’s “Wool Week,” an initiative to encourage people to donate unwanted woolen items to be reused, recycled, or resold.

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  3. A woman is bound to a rotating advertising column as a temporary installation by the Bosso Fataka, an art group which typically constructs public sculptures using cling-wrap and trash found on the street.

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  4. Zoe Rain Bernstein was sitting in a booster seat in her father’s pick-up truck in March when her dad lost control and the car slammed into a light pole. The impact left Zoe in a coma, and with a fractured skull.

    When Zoe woke up from her month-long unconsciousness, her mother Kelsie says, the little girl had a different personality."Her personality is completely different," her mother says. Zoe has developed Attention Deficit Disorder, and she now has behavioral problems she never had before she was injured.

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  5. Study: Babies who live with dogs are healthier 

    The authors of the study tracked the health of 400 babies, and sent the families weekly questionnaires from the time the kids were 9 weeks old until they turned 1.

    Here’s what they found: A child under the age of 1 who regularly plays with an outdoor dog — that is, a pup who spends just six hours of its time inside each day — will build a stronger, healthier immune system in the long run. Kids living in homes with such dogs were illness-free 73 percent of the time, whereas children living in homes without pets were healthy only about 65 percent of the time. Overall, dog-friendly babies “had fewer ear infections, and they needed less antibiotics,” says lead author Eija Bergroth.

    One explanation: "Pets that spent more time outdoors brought more dirt into their homes, giving babies more opportunities to encounter it." The thinking goes that this strengthens a child’s immune system and causes natural defenses to mature faster than they normally would. 

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  6. "The smell of a freshly printed book is the best smell in the world," says fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld, explaining why he helped create Paper Passion ($115), a perfume designed to smell exactly like cracking open a new book.

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  7. Judge Paul Sacco of Colorado, tired of doling out ineffective punishments for people playing their music too loudly, in 2008 decided to fight fire with fire. Instead of the usual fine, he ordered repeat offenders to listen to his music selections for one hour at high volume. Sacco’s eclectic collection included easy-listening maestro Barry Manilow and the theme song from the children’s show Barney and Friends. “This is a way, when I look back, of teaching manners to people,” Sacco said.

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  8. Farsighted elephant may get contact lenses

    In 2010, C’sar’s caretakers noticed that the otherwise friendly 38-year-old elephant had become lethargic and depressed and was bumping into things around his pen, often stubbing his toes or banging his tusks into walls. Zookeepers feared that he’d have to be euthanized.

    Luckily, the zoo’s vets determined the problem was C’sar’s debilitating cataracts, which caused his vision to become increasingly clouded in each eye. They removed the cataracts, but C’sar’s vision isn’t perfect, and because of the surgeries, he has actually become farsighted.

    So now, the zoo is considering giving him corrective lenses. Those will be some big lenses. 


  9. Fight Church: Evangelicals who fight in the name of Jesus — A new Kickstarter-funded documentary takes a look at evangelical Christian pastors who encourage their flocks to spread their faith… through extreme violence. 

    "Jesus was a fighter," one pastor says in the trailer. "That is the type of Jesus that I would want to serve." But "can you love your neighbor as yourself and at the same time knee him in the face as hard as you can?"



  10. Pizza, live crabs, porn…there’s a vending machine for just about everything these days.


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