2. Modern human civilization is fragile — fragile to crop failures, droughts, and extreme weather. We are extremely susceptible to energy and water shortages. We don’t fully understand complex, chaotic systems like Earth’s climate. And yet, we are rapidly changing the composition of the atmosphere, even though the archeological record shows the difficulty that our ancestors had in adapting to previous rapid climate changes.

    That seems suicidally reckless.





  6. Heavy-metal frost, methane fog, and more: 9 photos of the wildest weather in the universe


  7. Today’s podcast gives city planners the smackdown on sneckdowns.

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  10. Albedo

    From the Latin word for “whiteness”, the fraction of the sun’s rays reflected by the earth’s surface.  When it snows, more sunlight is reflected, which results in a lower air temperature.

    Here are 10 more fascinating winter weather terms


  11. -135.7

    The temperature measured by NASA satellites in Eastern Antarctica c. August 2010, in degrees Farenheit (-93.2 Celsius).

    It’s the coldest temperature on Earth in recorded history.