3. India votes: 9 photos of the world’s largest and most vibrant election

    The world’s largest democracy might also be its most colorful


  4. 1862.

    The last time a state successfully broke away from another state.  

    6 Colorado counties just voted to form the 51st state of North Colorado.  


  5. Young people are notoriously unreliable voters. They are also fans of something called “the internet.”

  6. Cartoon of the day: Follow-up ballot 
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  7. These women and their hormones! I’m alarmed that they can find their way to their binders in the morning. I would go on, but I have to go turn into a werewolf now. That is what women do, yes? It is so weird that we can hold jobs and own property… I sure hope the election falls at a time of the month when I feel unattractive, so that I don’t have to worry: Did I really want to vote for Gary Johnson? Maybe I just wanted to eat a lot of chocolate. Shoes! Slim leg! Cathy! Pinterest!

    —Alexandra Petri,The Washington Post

    CNN’s ‘hormonal women voters’ article: 6 outraged reactions


  8. "I careth not where thou has traversed from, varmint!"

    Rainn Wilson, aka Dwight Schrute from The Office, wants to make Voting Day a national holiday, because voting on a Tuesday is “a pain in the ass.


  9. In the past four years, young adults have come of voting age “with views shaped largely by the recession,” reports Susan Saulny in The New York Times

    Today’s 18- to 24-year-olds support Obama over Republican rival Mitt Romney by just 12 percentage points — half his lead among voters aged 25 to 29 — and among white college-age voters Obama and Romney are essentially tied. Probably not coincidentally, the unemployment rate for 18- and 19-year-olds is 23.5 percent, and 12.9 percent for those 20 to 24.

    Will a lousy economy cost Obama the youth vote? 


  10. Jim Wilson, 69, of Buckingham, Va., does some patriotic decorating ahead of Mitt Romney’s campaign stop on May 10.

    Wilson, who frequently appears in photographs showing his support for Romney, has been traveling around the country to rally voters behind the GOP nominee. 

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  11. The same antic, manic, lunatic bloody-mindedness that has made him such a rotten candidate in the Sunshine State may be enough to keep him the race.
    — John Heilemann at New York magazine says Newt Gingrich might be mad enough to fight on long after Florida

  12. A girl stands on tiptoes to see a woman’s ballot during voting in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday. A policeman commands a sniffer dog in Baghdad, Iraq. And security officers and their horses are dwarfed by a beached cargo ship in western France. This week’s best photojournalism


  13. New Hampshire’s new Republican speaker wants to discourage “foolish” liberal college students who just “vote their feelings” from casting ballots in his state — so he’s doing something about it. A pair of bills in the GOP-controlled state legislature would prevent many young people from voting in their college town, or at all, The Washington Post reports. Many other states are also considering ways to make voting harder, as well.

    Photo credit: CC BY Theresa Thompson