2. Anyone chalking up the GOP’s defeat to supposed “gifts” to Latinos, blacks, and young people is “paying too little attention to how weak a candidate Mitt Romney was, and how much that hurt Republican prospects,” says Andrew Kohut at The Wall Street Journal.

    Why Mitt Romney will regret blaming his loss on Obama’s ‘gifts’ to minorities


  3. In 2008, 79.8 percent of Americans making $100,000 or more voted, vs. just 51.9 percent of people making less than $20,000.

    Here, a deeper look at How America Votes.

    (By the way, we’ll be doing infographics like this one every week from now on!)


  4. "You’re not Solomon, carefully weighing the choices. You’re a ditherer. You probably panic at ‘paper or plastic’ in the supermarket, backing up the checkout line." —Timothy Egan at The New York Times

    The presidential race may well be decided by a small slice of people who, rather implausibly, have yet to make up their minds. Let’s roast them.

    6 brutal takedowns of undecided voters


  5. One of the biggest surprises of this week’s off-year elections was the failure of Mississippi’s controversial 'personhood' amendment, which would have defined a fertilized human egg as a person. Polls suggested the measure would pass easily in the strongly anti-abortion state. Instead, it lost 57 percent to 43 percent.

    Some lessons from the amendment’s failure


  6. A Saudi court has sentenced Shaima Jastaina to 10 lashes for breaking the country’s ban on female drivers. The ruling came just two days after King Abdullah said women would be allowed to vote in local elections scheduled for 2015 and serve on the shura advisory council — firsts that were widely welcomed as a victory for women’s rights. Considering Jastaina’s sentence, is life really getting better for Saudi women on balance?

    Cartoon: Cam Cardow, copyright 2011 Cagle Cartoons


  7. A ballot initiative calling for a UFO agency in Denver failed to win support last night. This and other weird voting day tales here.


  8. Democrats and white voters

    "Democrats are getting killed with white voters," says John Dickerson at Slate. “In 2006 Democrats lost the white vote by 4 percentage points. In exit polls tonight, Democrats are losing white voters by 60 percent to 38 percent.”

    (Source: theweek.com)