2. The backlash against her Vogue cover is very telling

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  3. There is one thing she is exceptional at, an art that, like anything else, she mastered through discipline and well-played instinct. This is being famous.

  4. Nobody wants to see a real person on the cover.

  5. Vogue publishes fashion spread "celebrating Hurricane Sandy’s first responders," offends pretty much everyone.


  6. Chinese model Fei Fei Sun (top left) made history this week as the first Asian model to appear alone on the cover of Vogue ItaliaFrench Vogue reportedly featured a solo Du Juan in 2011, though no British or American Vogue has broken this curious race barrier. 

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  7. Sex sells. And with many magazines struggling to compete with digital demands, some publishers have become more reliant on risqué cover art that might garner buzz and buyers. The latest subversive attempt comes from Conde Nast’s Vogue Hommes International, which features model Stephanie Seymour being choked and fondled by a rapturous Marlon Teixeira.

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