1. 47 charming facts about children’s books

    Did you know the tragic children’s classic Bridge to Terabithia has an even more heartbreaking backstory? Katherine Paterson, the novel’s author, lost a childhood friend to a lightning strike when her friend was just eight years old.

    Our friends at Mental Floss have compiled 46 other facts about children’s books, too, and fortunately, the rest are much more lighthearted.


  2. Ryan Gosling enjoys knitting, and 47 other surprising celebrity hobbies

    Did you know that when he wasn’t hosting The Price is Right, Bob Barker took karate lessons from none other than Chuck Norris himself? Sure, successful people got where they are by being great in their fields, but even celebrities and millionaires have fun in their free time.



  4. Watch Oprah make Pharrell cry ‘Happy’ tears

    Pharrell Williams has now joined the ranks of celebrities who can say, “I cried with Oprah.”




  7. This is Heidi Klum.  Really.  Which is why it made The Week’s best of the internet.



  9. "Pew pew pew." Lasers: "This is the future of warfare. And it’s so, so cool."

    The Navy unveiled a solid-state laser cannon that can disable or destroy surveillance drones and small, rapidly moving gunships. In this video, it shoots down a drone. Watch


  10. Drones aren’t always the rights-infringing death machines conjured up by news stories. Sometimes they do the world quite a bit of good. Take the above nature footage by Thomas Renck, a hobbyist whose camera-equipped tricopter captured a pack of wild coyotes sweeping across a hillside in Riverside, Calif. The vantage point makes the video look like something straight out of a Discovery Channel documentary.

    More: Breathtaking nature footage taken from a drone


  11. The Chelyabinsk region of Russia, in the Ural Mountains about 930 miles east of Moscow, was pelted by at least one meteorite on Friday, freaking out residents with bright streaks across the sky and loud, window-shaking explosions.

    No serious injuries have been reported from the blasts, and Russian authorities are providing slightly different explanations for what happened. The growing consensus is that a meteorite exploded about 32,000 feet in the air, scattering smaller chunks around the region. “Verified information indicates that this was one meteorite which burned up as it approached Earth and disintegrated into smaller pieces,” Russian Emergency Ministries official Elena Smirnykh tells Russia’s RIA Novosti.

    There’s some amazing video footage emerging after the explosions. Watch.


  12. CBS News captured exclusive footage of the firefight between alleged cop-killer Christopher Dorner and law enforcement officials. After the shootout, which killed one deputy and injured another, Dorner fled to the woods and barricaded himself inside a cabin, refusing to surrender. Officials believe Dorner then shot himself and burned the cabin down.


  13. "You are so pretty. God love you, holy mackerel."

    "Spread your legs — you’re gonna be frisked!"

    "Need any help on your pecs, man, give me a call."

    The vice president clearly loved holding court in the Senate, making hilarious and vaguely inappropriate comments to lawmakers and their families. WATCH: Joe Biden’s wackiest one-liners from swearing in the 113th Congress