1. Could your Tumblr win a book deal? 

    The book publishing industry, a notorious slouch when it comes to emerging trends on the internet, is not going to let this Tumblr thing come and go without earning a buck or two. 


  2. The quiet death of Tumblr porn

    Yahoo’s billion-dollar gamble on Tumblr continues to irk the blogging service’s faithful — this time because new restrictions will make it more difficult for adults to find adult-themed material. Yes, Tumblr is buttoning up and slipping on its SFW pants, which means it’s cutting down on errant nipples and genitalia images popping up in your feed.


  3. Everybody chill out. Here’s why the Yahoo deal will actually be great for Tumblr.


  4. marissamayr:

    The great workplace dilemmas of our time…




  6. So this happened. Go say hi.


  7. If only this guy could see Tumblr. More from the Bad Opinion Generator


  8. newsweek:


    Welcome to Storyboard

    An introduction to Tumblr’s new home for community features.

    CONGRATS GUYS. This looks awesome. Really looking forward to this.