1. Give your wardrobe a high-tech upgrade with these 3 wearable innovations

    Smart shoes, jackets, and sunglasses keep you safe and looking sharp


  2. 4 cool tech innovations that could revolutionize sports

    A soccer ball that measures its own flight path? Yeah, there’s an app for that


  3. This new virtual assistant wants to be the Siri of your dreams

    Meet Viv, the latest from the creators that brought you Siri


  4. This is a story that is not at all unfamiliar for women working in tech. In fact, it almost feels like the status quo. Wolfe was treated with repeated casual misogyny in the workplace, no one helped her when she asked for assistance, and she was also confronting ageism and the notion that a young, confident woman couldn’t possibly be an important part of a company. When she fought back aggressively, she was fired.

    The truth about tech’s sexism problem is even worse than you think

    While the industry may represent a pinnacle of sexism, it wasn’t created in a vacuum



  6. A new generation of adult toys take cyber sex to a whole new level. These devices — called teledildonics — are manipulatable by the actions of a far-away internet partner.

    Sex toys get social


  7. “If you were to sit down with the “internet” — it would be a messy-haired, foul-mouthed, aggressive, and impatient radical. The unimpeachable androgyne would attack you on subjects ranging from feminism to modern-day fascism. It’d know everything there is to know and be useless at dispensing the information. And if it had to assume a cultural identity, it would have to be Japanese.” — Jack Flanagan, in How Japan won the internet


  8. How did we forget what we already knew? Why did Renaissance men feel able to indulge in off-topic hobbies that round off our core skills, but we don’t? Perhaps in these years of the quantified self, if it isn’t backed by science or quoted atop a noir-gif of Mark Zuckerberg then it doesn’t make sense to us.
    — Jack Flanagan, in Where are all the renaissance men?


  10. Astronauts, marathoners, and smartphone users (read: everyone) say “Thanks, technology!”

    Listen to all of The Week’s mini-podcasts here.



  12. This Internet Explorer ad features Microsoft’s new anime mascot fighting…um…malware? Or something? 


  13. yak shaving

    Tedious tasks that must be done before productive work can begin, or useless activity one engages in to avoid real work.

    Our favorite hacker slang