1. Inside the ISIS school curriculum

    The extremist education agenda bans music, sports, and more


  2. [I]f achievement is mostly a product of demography, why should a teacher be held responsible for large societal forces like poverty and inequality?

    What “no excuses” reformers get wrong about education

    Dana Goldstein’s excellent The Teacher Wars offers some useful lessons for those who want to transcend an age-old policy dispute


  3. 600 — Teachers across 15 states who have applied for a free firearms-training program

    18 — Days since the Buckeye Firearms Association in Ohio announced it was launching the program

    6 — States with plans to introduce legislation that would allow firearms in school


  4. Cartoon of the day: Newtown’s superheroes
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  5. Cartoon of the day — Fighting for days off
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  6. In his latest column, Dr. William H. Frist explains how teachers can dramatically change the trajectory of a child’s future. "Our lack of teacher accountability is akin to a drug company producing medicines without measuring if the pills actually cure disease," Frist says.

    So, how can we foster better teaching? Do educators need more pay? Better evaluations? Stronger feedback? 

    Check out Frist’s column, and share your suggestions. Tweet @TheWeek using the hashtag #GreatTeachers and we’ll share your responses. 


  7. Last week a 10-year-old autistic boy ran away from his teacher and onto an icy pond behind a Rochester, N.H., school. As the teacher and the principal, Gwen Rhodes, chased after him, the boy fell through the thin ice. Rhodes sprang into action, diving in and hauling the child to safety. It was a “shining example” of the kind of “heart” educators have, says Julie Ryan Evans at The Stir. Rhodes said it was all in a day’s work: “What we do every day is what makes people who work in schools heroes.” Here, seven other teachers who have saved the lives of students