3. Today’s podcast explores four possibilities for the uncertain future of the GOP.

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  4. Is John Boehner happy with outside conservative groups interfering with  the House GOP agenda?

    Um, no.

    How John Boehner learned to stop worrying and hate the Tea Party


  5. Cartoon of the day: The choke hold
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  6. Only in America: Pinellas County, Fla., will stop adding fluoride to its drinking water after complaints by anti-government activists. Dentists protested the decision, arguing that fluoridation has dramatically lowered tooth-decay rates across the U.S., but Tea Party activists said it was part of a plot by “the world government to keep people stupid.”

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  7. "The Daily Show“‘s Al Madrigal on why no candidate "living, dead or fictional will ever satisfy the Tea Party":


    • Ronald Reagan:  He “was a Hollywood Commie who raised taxes, grew government, and gave amnesty to illegal immigrants.  That poor son of a bitch would get eaten alive by this crowd.”
    • Thomas Jefferson:  “The man cut up his Bible, loved the French, and had a well-documented case of jungle fever… Try again.”
    • Superman:  “Illegal immigrant.”
    • Optimus Prime:  “He accepted the auto industry bailout.”

  8. motherjones:

    Hint: Buy sharia; sell Bibles and tin-foil hats.


  9. I work hard for what I have and I will share it with who I want to. Government cannot force me to be charitable.
    — Some of the principles being taught to children attending a Tampa summer camp run by a Tea Party-affiliated group.


  11. -A headline from the first issue of the Tea Party Review, which hits the stands this weekend. For $34.95 a year, subscribers can steep themselves in articles on Obamacare repeal and prominent black conservatives, and a comic strip about a Tea Party congressman taking on the “Red Chinese.”

    Is this for real?


  12. One of France’s newspapers says the Tea Party is an obsessional crises similar to the Salem witch trials. Hmph.


  13. The radicals must not be allowed to claim the title of the real Republicans. They must not be allowed to dismiss the true electable, governing core of the party as “Republicans in Name Only.” If anything, it’s the Tea Party radicals with their incessant threats to bolt and form a third party who deserve that name.
    — From David Frum’s most recent Bullpen column, Tea Party backlash