1. Our newest infographic features some pretty shocking facts about our plastic surgery obsession. For example, teenage plastic surgery is on the rise. There were 14,000 procedures performed on teens in 1996, compared to 77,000 in 2011.


    (Source: theweek.com)


  2. There are those who are literally bullied to death, and now there are those kids who are getting the strange opportunity to erase the object of their peers’ taunting with plastic surgery.” —Doug Barry, Jezebel

    Nadia Ilse is 14 years old. After years of bullying for her protruding ears, a nonprofit organization stepped in and gave her an otoplasty — plus bonus chin and nose jobs — free of charge.

    Should bullying victims get free plastic surgery? Opinions and video of Nadia’s story here.

    (Source: theweek.com)


  3. Good day for bad dogs: A New Mexico couple was delighted to find their missing $4,500 wedding ring — in the stomach of their 10-month-old basset hound. The vet informed them basset hounds have a tendency to eat rocks.

    Bad day for going under the knife: Next time you have surgery, you might want to watch your surgeon wash up. Two out of three medical students failed a hand hygiene test given by researchers from Germany’s Hannover Medical School.

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