2. For its part, ESPN says it punished Simmons because he did not “operate within ESPN’s journalistic standards.” Which begs the question: Just what kind of “journalistic standards” is ESPN feigning to defend here?

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  6. Sexism in sports is so pervasive that it becomes background noise to us that we don’t even notice until something outrageous happens. Although female athletes certainly have more opportunities compared to 50 years ago, male athletes still receive the majority of resources, money, and media coverage

    3 lies we tell ourselves about women’s sports

    How do we change the culture of women’s sports? By finally having an honest conversation about it.


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  10. (DANA SUMMERS | Copyright 2014 Tribune Media Services)

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  12. What’s stopping Chloie Jonnson from competing against other women are misconstrued beliefs about human anatomy after transitioning. Jonnson is a woman, and hopefully one day people will understand enough about being transgender to allow her to compete with her peers.