1. 62.5%

    The amount of all web traffic that comes from non-human “bots”.

    Fully 30.5% of all web traffic is from spamming, e-mail address-stealing, site-hacking “malicious” bots.


  2. Wishful thinking…

    Check out the Bad Opinion Generator for more of history’s worst predictions and opinions.

    (Source: theweek.com)


  3. We put this piece together back in May, but it’s surfacing again as the frequency of the Obama emails increases, and the content looks more and more… like spam

    "Sarah Jessica is hosting"
    "Meeting you"
    "So, [name]" 


  4. When junk email became known as “spam,” Spam the pork-esque product faced “the greatest marketing challenge in its 75-year history.” Eventually, Spam embraced its inner punchline, rolling out an ad campaign with tag lines like “Glorious Spam!” and a mascot called Sir Can-a-Lot.

    Result: Spam has thrived. Here, 7 other dramatic rebranding campaigns