1. I’m still here.

    114-year-old woman lies about age to join Facebook

    Told by the social network that her birthday — in 1900 — was invalid, Anna Stoehr wrote a letter to Mark Zuckerberg himself




  4. Why do we love to hate each other online? Over at Beta Beat Ryan Holiday writes about “outrage porn,” the steady stream of insincerely performed umbrage and gulping hysteria that seeps like super-concentrated vinegar out of the web’s pores every moment of every day.

    So, why are we addicted to online outrage?



  6. We’re gaining the ability to track how often we listened to pop hits, and how much time we waste on Facebook. Soon we may be letting Apple listen to the sound of our blood in hopes that the information will inspire us to become fit. Big Brother is now the geeky shlub in the mirror: you.
    — Michael Brendan Dougherty, in Our hacked lives

  7. Facebook has a lot of data about its users, and it also has a data science division dedicated to transforming all that data into interesting information. They recently publicized a series of studies around the topic of love. While many of the results match up well with our expectations (e.g., people tend to marry within their religion), not all of them were so obvious

    4 surprising things Facebook has learned from your relationship status


  8. Facebook just added 56 new gender options. Don’t know the difference between “cisgender” and “intersex?” We’ve got you covered.


  9. As Stalin learnt in June 1941, it’s not official unless it’s Facebook official. The twice-named Time Person of the Year found out the hard way not to trust your supposed friends, and so it would likely be his recommendation to be clear how public your relationships are. If you choose Open Relationship, however, then you’re just asking for it.


  11. #nofilter: Darth Vader’s first Instagram selfie isn’t so hot.  

    Here’s how Vader blew it.


  12. Sleepy Hollow’s independent success is testament to the power of its unique blend of horror, humor, escapism, and mystery, which has been augmented by a uniformly excellent cast and breakneck, twist-laden storytelling. So far, it’s also the only freshman show to have been renewed for a second season.

  13. FOMO can “can wreak havoc on our finances when we attempt to keep up with a million imaginary lifestyles while ignoring our own real bottom line.”

    Is social media bad for your finances?