1. The fact is — however unfair, however much it pains us to admit it — in some areas, men and women are not equal. Is it worth checking a box marked “Equality” at the expense of the operational effectiveness of combat units? Is it worth putting young men at risk so that we, the enlightened Western liberals, might have a new accomplishment to discuss over gougères at cocktail parties? This week, the Obama administration says, yes, that’s perfectly okay. Accordingly, a platoon can and will be less combat effective in the name of equality.
    — D.B. Grady says putting women in combat is a terrible mistake. (He also says he knows he’s earning his hate mail.) What are your thoughts?

  2. These women and their hormones! I’m alarmed that they can find their way to their binders in the morning. I would go on, but I have to go turn into a werewolf now. That is what women do, yes? It is so weird that we can hold jobs and own property… I sure hope the election falls at a time of the month when I feel unattractive, so that I don’t have to worry: Did I really want to vote for Gary Johnson? Maybe I just wanted to eat a lot of chocolate. Shoes! Slim leg! Cathy! Pinterest!

    —Alexandra Petri,The Washington Post

    CNN’s ‘hormonal women voters’ article: 6 outraged reactions


  3. The practice of employing underdressed women to shill gadgets at trade shows is increasingly coming under fire as both sexist and antiquated. A new article in IT World says that the models are often hired to stand for upward of eight hours a day in heels, only to be paid somewhere between $100 to $170. “You have to look happy all day and smile, but it’s not that easy,” says former booth babe Eileen Lee. “It gets very tiring.”

    Time for trade shows to banish ‘booth babes’? 


  4. "Got Milk?" just got sexist. At least, that’s what people are saying. A new campaign features men as the beleaguered victims of premenstrual monsters. Inventive or offensive?