3. By allowing workers’ brains to refuel and experience life outside of their cubicles, companies will see an increase in productivity and creative output.

    Why the U.S. needs to ban work email after hours

    Germany is onto something


  4. Being a good person can be as easy as keeping a teddy bear nearby.

  5. This is your brain on dogs

    The bond between human and pup tugs at some of the same heartstrings as the bond between mother and child


  6. The scientists are currently ‘assessing engineered penises for safety, function, and durability,’ and they hope the FDA will approve the penises for human testing in the next five years.

  7. In a pebble-bed world, all carbon-based sources of energy would be permanently removed from the equation, whether we’re talking about coal-fired power plants or oil-powered cars.

    How to solve global warming in two easy steps

    It starts with a skyscraper full of vegetables



  9. Give your wardrobe a high-tech upgrade with these 3 wearable innovations

    Smart shoes, jackets, and sunglasses keep you safe and looking sharp


  10. After controlling for how well students had actually done on the first two tasks, Lee and colleagues found that single-sex schools didn’t increase girls’ competitiveness — if anything, it magnified the gender gap.

  11. Even symbolic reminders of emptiness are sufficient to inspire us to conserve our resources and curb our generosity.


  13. Why you make best friends in the worst circumstances

    Australian researchers find sharing painful experiences creates feelings of solidarity