2. How ants use ‘death signals’ to scavenge for food

    European biologists have finally found the cause of ants’ uncanny ability to locate far-flung meals


  3. Science discovers 15 new emotions

    What does “happily disgusted” mean, exactly?


  4. Why don’t different species have sex more often?

    If the various hybrids that have recently been discovered, and those that might be on the way, can reproduce (a “grolar” bear examined in 2010 was a second-generation hybrid, suggesting the hybrid bears, at least, are fertile in the wild), the animal kingdom could become more and more of a melting pot.


  5. Man lets bees sting his genitals for science

    Michael Smith was studying honeybees at Cornell when one flew up his shorts and stung him in a delicate place, as National Geographic reports. Yet unlike most people, who would have screamed and sworn and maybe put on pants, Smith used the unexpected sting as inspiration to study where a bee could do the most damage in terms of sheer pain.



  7. Modern human civilization is fragile — fragile to crop failures, droughts, and extreme weather. We are extremely susceptible to energy and water shortages. We don’t fully understand complex, chaotic systems like Earth’s climate. And yet, we are rapidly changing the composition of the atmosphere, even though the archeological record shows the difficulty that our ancestors had in adapting to previous rapid climate changes.

    That seems suicidally reckless.



  9. This cricket virus not only effectively castrates its hosts, but encourages sexual activity like an aphrodisiac

    Read about one of the sickest, most twisted STDs that nature has to offer


  10. (JACK OHMAN | Copyright 2014 Tribune Media Services)

    The week’s best editorial cartoons


  11. Meet the milkweed, the plant world’s craftiest Don Juan

    The sexual battles of plants



  13. Admit it: You’ve probably peed in the pool at least once. It’s convenient, nobody knows, and chlorine kills all the gross stuff in urine anyway… right? WRONG!

    Why you really shouldn’t pee in the pool