1. Here’s what the U.S. Air Force would do in the event of a Godzilla attack

    "I think Godzilla would be expecting an aerial attack, so to catch him off guard, I think we could need 4,000 Segways and slingshots," said Jason Edwards, a master sergeant of the 18th Wing’s public affairs office.


  2. Vets: More pets are coming in high on pot

    Maybe it’s high time you remind your four-legged friends to just say no.



  4. American politicians need to get off their butts. So far, most, including the president, have abdicated a moral responsibility to talk frankly about guns and rights, ironically, they say, because the issue is “complicated.” Goddamn right it’s complicated. That’s why we ought to talk about. Democrats still adhere to the fear that if they mention common-sense gun rules, their party will lose the backing forever of gun owners and those who see gun ownership as a stand-in for checking government power. For the most part, though, that coalition isn’t the Democratic Party’s coalition, and it becomes less so with every election.

    The gun rights lobby could lead the charge here, but they won’t, because they’re afraid they’d lose the chance to demagogue politicians who rise up against them. The NRA’s opponents are as central to the NRA’s successes as anything else.

    So: Ball’s in your court, Mr. President.

    — Marc Ambinder: How to prevent more mass killings

  5. SOPA, CISPA, The Cybersecurity Act of 2012… there’s a lot happening in the world of cybersecurity and internet privacy, and it can be a bit daunting to understand it all.

    That’s why we’re hosting a panel on Monday addressing any and all of your questions and concerns. 

    Tweet your questions to us using the hashtag #CyberTW, and our panelists will do their best to answer them. Panelists include the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Rogers, Former FBI Executive Assistant Director Shawn Henry, and others. Moderated by Paul Brandus, founder of The West Wing Report and one of our esteemed columnists. 

    Oh, and if you’ll be in DC on Monday and want to attend the panel, here is the info. It’s free for Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr followers. If you can’t attend the event, don’t worry, we’ll post the panelists’ responses to your questions. 



  6. "Too averse to risk
    To chance the lottery, yet
    Steps into traffic.”

    "A sudden car door
    Cyclist’s story rewritten
    Fractured narrative.”

    New York City is using poetry to urge motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians to think about safety. City Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan unveiled the new Curbside Haiku campaign this week, saying the city is “putting poetry into motion with public art to make New York City’s streets even safer.”


  7. Scientists in Israel have created a device that can be placed in a drink to detect the presence of a date-rape drug. Though it’s still under development, the sensor, which could cost less than the drink itself, is expected to resemble an ordinary straw or swizzle stick. So far, the device has a 100 percent success rate, with no false readings.


  8. "The FDA considers eating raw sprouts on the same level of risk as eating raw beef — not medium rare burgers, raw beef,” writes Adriana Velez at The Stir.

    At least 22 people have been killed, and thousands more infected, by a virulent strain of E. coli that’s sweeping through Europe, in what’s being called the “deadliest E. coli outbreak in modern history.” The outbreak is a result of a particularly toxic strain of the bacteria, and German and European Union officials have yet to pinpoint its source — though cucumbers and organic sprouts farms have been suspected. Could something like this happen in America?

    Photo: CC BY Dottie Mae