2. South Korea has robots to cheer at its baseball games

    Fans can send proxies to the stadium to cheer, chant, and even do the wave


  3. Google to sell humanoid robot

    Robots may become mainstream sooner than you think if Google has its way


  4. Could a robot do my job?

    Probably, but I’m still optimistic


  5. United Nations is hosting a four-day summit about ‘killer robots’

    Apparently nervous that the completely fictional movie Transformers could suddenly happen in real life, the United Nations is hosting a four-day session to prevent a nightmare scenario in which killer robots take control of the world.


  6. Say hello to Samsung’s SGR-1, a military robot that can detect a human face at a distance of 2 miles, and can fire its machine gun or grenade launcher without human operation.

    Robots are the not-too-distant future of war


  7. Say hello to WildCat, a cheetah-inspired military prototype that can prance and gallop at 16 mph.  The company that made this and a bunch of other military robots was just bought by Google.



  9. Robot apocalypse alert: The government may be shut down, but the government’s robot development program is still going strong.



  11. Not all drones are killers.

    A San Francisco-based lab called Darwin Aerospace has successfully test-launched an automatic delivery service that uses GPS-equipped drone to deliver burritos. (The burrito is loaded into a canister with an attached parachute, and the drone drops it over its target.) The “Burrito Bomber,” as it’s appropriately called, won’t be available for commercial use until meeting FAA approval in 2015.

    More non-lethal drones

    (Source: theweek.com)


  12. DARPA’s goal is to build a robot capable of completing an obstacle course that would challenge an able-bodied human, says Will Oremus at Slate. Although Pet-Proto completes the tasks successfully, he ambles over impediments kind of like “a drunken sailor.”

    Meet the Pet-Proto: The U.S. military’s clumsy humanoid rescue robot

    (Source: theweek.com)


  13. One of the first images captured by NASA’s Curiosity shows the rover’s own shadow as cast on the surface of Mars. 

    Sticking the landing
    After years of speculation, anxiety, and planning, NASA’s Curiosity rover successfully lands on Mars. [New York]

    Your bearded brethren
    Researchers find that facial hair provides an effective barrier to the sun’s U.V. rays. [The Frisky]

    Pixar superfans
    A robot enthusiast creates a life-sized, fully-functioning version of Pixar’s adorable, lonely Wall-E. [TIME]


    Insisting that “the flag was still there”
    The American flag blows off its mount as “The Star Spangled Banner” plays during Serena Williams’ medal ceremony. [Gawker]

    Appreciating the local wildlife
    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is chased out of Malawi by a swarm of bees. [BuzzFeed]

    Olympic overexcitement
    An allegedly drunken spectator at the 100-meter men’s final in London gets a chop from a judo medalist after he throws a water bottle onto the track. [Discovery News

    (Source: theweek.com)