1. Sticking to an exercise routine takes dedication, and many fitness junkies swear that a running companion can be a huge help. That’s why researchers have developed “Joggobot,” a quad-rotor helicopter drone designed to motivate joggers by flying in front of them. 

    The aerial robot uses its camera to spot a colorful pattern on a T-shirt worn by the jogger, and flies at a safe distance ahead. The runner can control Joggobot using a smartphone: In “companion mode,” the drone simply maintains the jogger’s pace; in “coach mode,” it pushes its human trainee a little faster.

    Don’t worry, there’s a video


  2. South Korea’s robotic prison guards have arrived. 

    The 5-foot-tall guards come equipped with advanced 3-D cameras and microphones to detect signs of erratic or dangerous behavior — to prevent things such as suicide attempts — and can summon human allies when necessary.

    Watch the robo-guards in action


  3. "People are going to have the option of having superior arms, superior eyes at some point. People say no one would ever cut off their own arm and replace it, but if the technology gets there — and it looks like it will — people will think about it."

    Canadian filmmaker Rob Spence lost his right eye as a child, but he procured a robotic eyeball that sports a video camera and wireless transmitter that beams the video signal to a hand-held screen. Check it out.