3. The Week’s latest mini-podcast, on how the leaders of the free world say “I’m sorry.”

    Watch Reagan’s, Clinton’s, George W. Bush’s and Obama’s mea culpas here.

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  4. If elected, John Bolton would be the first mustachioed president since William Howard Taft



  6. What’s a statue of Bill Clinton doing in Kosovo? 
    And he isn’t alone. JFK’s likeness can be spotted in Cameroon while statues of Lincoln are scattered all over Mexico. There’s even a George W. Bush in Albania.

    Check 8 proud, albeit random, replicas of U.S. presidents abroad.

    Pictured — Bill Clinton speaks in front of his statue in Pristina, Kosovo, on Nov. 1, 2009. Photo: REUTERS/Hazir Reka

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  7. "There is the danger that the eloquent Clinton could upstage Obama’s speech." — Steve Holland, Reuters 

    Bill Clinton is the marquee speaker at the Democratic National Convention tonight — and nobody knows what he’s going to say

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  8. Ronald and Nancy Reagan test the waters while vacationing off Honolulu. 

    We’re used to seeing our presidents — and presidential hopefuls like Mitt Romney — buttoned up and polished. But it’s when they’re on vacation that the mask truly falls, revealing just how human they are.

    Here, a pictorial guide to 10 unpresidential vacation moments


  9. In this circa-1920 photo, president Warren G. Harding uses an elephant as a golf caddy while enjoying the Flamingo Hotel golf course in Miami, Fla. The prohibition president, notorious for leading one of “America’s most corrupt administrations,” reportedly drank alcohol between swings, and gambled on every stroke, says Britain’s Telegraph.

    Here, a fun slideshow of golfing presidents throughout the decades

    Photo: CORBIS


  10. 1983 — At a state dinner in San Francisco, a prim Queen Elizabeth II elicites a hearty guffaw from President Ronald Reagan as she details the lousy weather she experienced in California.

    We have a whole slideshow of these gems, just because they’re fun to look at. Presidential crackups: A photo retrospective of laughing leaders. Enjoy!

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