3. The great strength of the American conservative movement is that, unlike European conservatism, it did not arise out of the legacy of feudalism, but instead took root in the Enlightenment principles of the American founding. So a true conservative agenda would — necessarily — be an anti-inequality agenda.

    Here’s how conservatives should fight inequality

    Who says this is only a liberal political issue?


  4. You just had a lot of members who just don’t want to vote for anything.






  10. I am personally offended that the man with less money won.

    Stephen Colbert cheers Eric Cantor’s loss, rues David Brat’s cheap victory

    Brat’s low-low-budget victory was an affront to Colbert’s “golden rule of politics: He who has the gold… and that’s the end of the rule.”


  11. Congress’s current golden age of cooperation and productiveness is over!


  13. I’m not a Democrat. I’m an anti-Republican.

    The return of Benghazi is the latest evidence that the GOP is putting its unhinged obsessions before the good of the country