2. Republicans are realizing that Jeb Bush is their only option in 2016

    Facing a Hillary Clinton juggernaut, the GOP has no choice but to go back to the Bushes



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  7. To be sure, a national government’s primary responsibility is to serve the interests of its own people. And national interests — say, in security and material prosperity — can be morally legitimate. But the pursuit of those interests to the exclusion of all other considerations would amount to the kind of ruthless nationalist realpolitik that Vladimir Putin is now playing so successfully.
    — Nigel Biggar, in Yes, war can be just


  9. Do I have the best credentials? Probably not. ‘Cause, you know, whatever.

  10. Income inequality is at the root of most of America’s major socioeconomic problems, truly the radioactive element that causes the body politic to decay.

  11. Have you ever been at a coffee shop, probably working on a new screenplay, and thought to yourself, “Man, this Americano is tight — but it would be better with less bureaucratic waste and more free market principles”? Or maybe you’ve been out partying for the night with some buds when you suddenly realized that “YOLO” and “traditional family values” aren’t mutually exclusive.

    If thoughts like these have crossed your mind, then the Republican Party wants you to know it’s the party for you. To wit, the Republican National Committee is out with a new ad campaign featuring some rad young kids just like you explaining why they’re Republicans. 

    Watch these super-hip millennials try to convince you to vote Republican, because #responsibility


  12. A Christian who is also a conservative should also wince at cultural narratives, advanced by some conservatives, that constantly belittle, mock, or dismiss the perspectives of groups that have been historically or are marginalized.

    A Christian who is a conservative should at the very least be concerned about how a country with the mightiest armed forces in the world uses its strength abroad and at home.


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