5. I am personally offended that the man with less money won.

    Stephen Colbert cheers Eric Cantor’s loss, rues David Brat’s cheap victory

    Brat’s low-low-budget victory was an affront to Colbert’s “golden rule of politics: He who has the gold… and that’s the end of the rule.”


  6. Congress’s current golden age of cooperation and productiveness is over!


  8. I’m not a Democrat. I’m an anti-Republican.

    The return of Benghazi is the latest evidence that the GOP is putting its unhinged obsessions before the good of the country


  9. When did you start caring so much about the brain fitness of those who have to hold the Oval Office?

    Jon Stewart turns the tables on Karl Rove for his Hillary Clinton conspiracy

    Not even Karl Rove seems convinced about the wisdom of Rove’s suggestion that possible 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton suffered brain damage in late 2012. 



  11. Why speculate about the near-future when you can speculate about the far future?

    Jon Stewart mocks the Clintons, the Bushes, Rick Perry, and the 2016-obsessed media

    Six months before the 2014 midterm elections, Jon Stewart is already sick of all the speculation about who will win… the 2016 presidential race



  13. Joel McHale burns Chris Christie as a ‘glutton for punishment’

    White House Correspondents’ Dinner emcee and The Soup host Joel McHale pulled no punches Saturday night in skewering everyone and everything in Washington. But he reserved his harshest criticisms for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), dinging the governor again and again as, more or less, a big fat jerk.