1. We won’t try to tell you that hi-Fun gloves ($70) aren’t “pointless and completely laughable.” But it’s still hard to resist a Bluetooth-enabled glove that hides a microphone in its pinkie finger and a speaker in its thumb so that the wearer needs only to make the “call me” sign to carry on a phone chat.

    You must have your smartphone nearby, but you can receive a call or redial a number by merely touching the back of the glove. “If you have cold hands and you hate headsets and you’re cool with looking like a total crazy person, here you go.” 

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  2. Water-resistant phones? Yes, please. 

    Sony’s flagship phone for 2013, the Xperia Z, comes with a 5-inch HD display, runs a glitzy version of Android, and is only 7.9mm thick — stuff we’ve come to expect from most high-end phones. What makes this one special is that its connection ports (Micro USB, micro-SD, and its SIM card) are all hidden under little panels to make the Z water resistant — you can dunk the thing in up to a meter of water for 30 minutes at a time. You’re probably not the type to bring your phone into the tub — or are you? Either way, this sort of water-resistant technology will hopefully become common enough that we don’t have to worry about our phones on rainy days or on trips to the beach

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  3. The decision to drag its feet on a new Apple-approved Google Maps could be the smartest move for Google. Its more reliable mapping program gives Android a leg up on Apple and gives the company a clear advantage that any consumer can easily understand.
    Shara Tibken at CNET.
    Google chairman Eric Schmidt says the company has no immediate plans to bring Google Maps to Apple’s App Store, much to the annoyance of iOS users. Is this a smart move for Google?

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  4. "Apple made a historic and much-needed step forward today," says Eric Limer at Gizmodo. It unveiled a set of new headphones called “EarPods.” EarPods sit deeper and more securely in the user’s ear than earlier models, and will come bundled standard with the iPhone 5. Thank goodness Apple’s finally putting its “old, terrible headphones to rest.”

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  5. Two students at the University of Washington noticed their female friends kept losing their smartphones while out on the town.

    One patent and a $4,000 Kickstarter later, they bring us the JoeyBra. The push-up bra has a pouch on each side, allowing women to go without purses or pockets.

    "Do you hear your armpit ringing? I believe that Taste is calling." 


  6. On March 6, Apple won a major patent for technology called the “iWallet,” which allows users “complete control over their subsidiary financial accounts on their iPhones.” The technology uses Near-Field Communication to make credit card transactions by holding the device next to a payment console, effectively turning the iPhone into a digital wallet.

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  7. Prone to dropping your iPhone? What if there were a way for unsightly scratches to disappear, on their own? That’s the promise of a new type of phone case designed by car manufacturer Nissan for klutzy smartphone addicts. Check out the iPhone case that repairs itself


  8. The $6,800 TAG Heuer smartphone: High-end watchmaker TAG Heuer has introduced the Link phone, which has a rather astonishing price tag, runs Android, and comes with a “paltry” 256MB of memory. (Check out the promotional video.) Buyers can customize their phones’ cases in a variety of materials, from rose gold to titanium, just as they would a TAG watch. They can even add Calfskin-leather trim, or a sprinkling of diamonds, for good measure.