2. Take a look at this week’s cover, featuring Hillary Clinton’s inevitable run at the presidency.


  3. 'Hero cat' throws out the first pitch in the laziest way possible

    See for yourself how humiliated the cat looks


  4. Vets: More pets are coming in high on pot

    Maybe it’s high time you remind your four-legged friends to just say no.


  5. Wow, ninawanco’s Mom and Dad have really great taste.  Ninawanco’s pretty cute too…

    10 amazing and adorable animals you should follow on Instagram right now





  9. The tail’s position — specifically, the height at which it is held — can be considered a sort of emotional meter.


  11. Dogs love us. (Thanks Brooke Wiseman for sending this!) 

    If you want to send us photos of your pets (or babies, or yourself) drooling on the magazine, we’re @TheWeek on Twitter!


  12. According to the yearly roundup of popular pet names in the database of Veterinary Pet Insurance, the 10 most popular dog names for 2012 were Bella, Bailey, Max, Lucy, Molly, Buddy, Daisy, Maggie, Charlie, and Sophie. It was the third straight year Bella came in at number 1, after unseating Max in 2009. A company spokesman thought the ascendancy of Bella might have had to do with “the name of the heroine in a certain vampire book/film series that’s pretty popular these days.”

    In medieval times, dogs had names like Blawnche, Nosewise, Smylfeste, Bragge, Holdfast, Zaphyro, Zalbot, Mopsus and Mopsulus.

    Dog-naming trends through the ages


  13. 12 behind-the-scenes photos from the 137th annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show

    Photos: REUTERS/Mike Segar and Keith Bedford