1. Watch Oprah make Pharrell cry ‘Happy’ tears

    Pharrell Williams has now joined the ranks of celebrities who can say, “I cried with Oprah.”


  2. Cartoon of the day: Sticky lies  
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  3. The moment Armstrong lays blame on his sponsors (for tacitly knowing about it, and even funding his habit) or on the cycling world, or on anything else is the moment where you might want to just turn off the television, because you’ll know that he really isn’t very sorry for anything. He’s just sorry that the proof of his doping became too overwhelming for his own ego to continue to deny.
    — Marc Ambinder says Lance Armstrong deserves nothing

  4. "There is enormous pressure on black women in our society to conform to a non-natural norm … Seeing a woman with black hair in its natural state in the public eye like this is a big deal." —  Dodai Stewart at Jezebel

    The September issue of O, The Oprah Magazine just hit stands, and the joyous cover model is, predictably enough, Oprah herself. One key difference: Oprah is wearing her hair naturally, with no blow drying, chemical treatments, or straightening.


  5. Start stockpiling the tissues now. You get a box of Kleenex! And YOU get a box of Kleenex! And YOU get a box of Kleenex!
    — Amanda Schurr at Just Out is one of many bloggers to imagine exactly how Oprah’s last show might transpire…


  7. A snapshot of TheWeek.com’s search traffic as it is right now. America loves Oprah.


  8. Winfrey is one of the brightest — and most popular — personalities to have graced television, wielding power as a cultural tastemaker. One would therefore hope that Ms. O would use her second act to improve the television landscape — by being ambitious, adventurous and creative — and not be part of its further degeneration by adding to an already glutted market of voyeuristic dreck.
    — The Root’s Jennifer E. Mabry sums up her feelings for the new Oprah Winfrey Network, which launched on Jan. 1. Not everyone hates it, but not many love it, either.

  9. Oprah Winfrey has ended the final season of her talk show "with a bang," devoting two full episodes to her annual holiday shopping list of “Favorite Things.” The lucky, stunned (and screaming) studio audience members came away with gifts — including new cars and Caribbean cruises — that far exceeded the bounty of years past.

    Here are some numbers:

    Total number of gifts — including an iPad Scrabble app ($4.99), an iPad ($499 and up), a Sony Bravia 3D television ($3,600), and Beecher’s “World’s Best” Mac ‘N’ Cheese ($29) — that audience members received (split between those attending the two separate tapings)

    Projected price tag of the 2012 VW Beetle 2012 audience members received this year

    Amount in taxes the audience members will pay on their new cars — VW is covering the fees

    Number of food items, or items related to food preparation, included in this year’s “Favorite Things”

    Number of books related to weight loss that were featured in the giveaway

    Here are a few more numbers…


  10. Photo: Forbes

    Bill Gates remains on top
 of Forbes’ list, with a net worth of $54 billion, he is ahead of No. 2 Warren Buffett ($45 billion). This marks Gates’ 17th consecutive year at No. 1. The only African-American to make the list
 was Oprah, coming in at No. 130, with $2.7 billion. So why did Forbes put Jay-Z on the cover? asks Hamilton Nolan in Gawker. Ostensibly because the hip-hop mogul “‘will earn a spot on the Forbes 400’ one day — as soon as he doubles his wealth” — but more likely because “Jay-Z’s face on the cover sells magazines.”