1. Satisfying, productive work is important for human flourishing, but so is taking breaks from work. We need a family life. We need away time. We need to put down our phones and clear our heads.

    How to fix our broken offices

    The internet hasn’t liberated us. It has shackled us.


  2. The 10 best networking tips for people who hate networking

    If you think networking seems sleazy or awkward, we’ve got you covered


  3. You don’t need a highlighter for anything on an iPad. You don’t need a 3M Post-it for your iPhone. Five years from now, I predict that copier sales will be a fraction of what they are today
    — Cody Willard at MarketWatch predicts the downfall of Staples, which announced this week that it is closing 60 stores worldwide as part of a restructuring effort to halt sliding profits.

  4. For those who have everything: The chair with a built-in heating/cooling system that changes according to your body temperature. This could potentially end the office thermostat wars by putting climate-control decisions “in the hands, or butt, of every employee.”

    More bizarrely elite consumer products

    (Source: theweek.com)


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