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  4. This cricket virus not only effectively castrates its hosts, but encourages sexual activity like an aphrodisiac

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  5. (JACK OHMAN | Copyright 2014 Tribune Media Services)

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  6. Meet the milkweed, the plant world’s craftiest Don Juan

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  10. For most animals, mating is a “love ‘em and leave ‘em” situation. As a result, the ones that partner up for the long haul tend to capture our attention. Everyone loves the idea of certain animals being in it together for a while, like a fuzzy little marriage. Enter: the owl monkey.

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  11. Voguing for the camera, polar bear Giovanna and her two feisty cubs met the media together today.

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  13. The world’s largest land animals are not dainty eaters. An adult male elephant can easily eat a few hundred pounds of vegetation in a day, and damage much more than that in the process. As they forage, elephants uproot bushes, strip trees of their bark, and push them over to reach the highest branches. The path of destruction they leave behind them can cause irreversible damage to large swaths of flora.

    But the mess isn’t necessarily a bad thing — Elephants are really messy eaters — and that’s great for other animals