1. 4 things NASA can teach you about a good night’s sleep

    After two weeks of six hours of sleep a night, you’re legally drunk


  2. Nasa: The moon’s underground caves could house astronauts

    These so-called “lunar pits” could potentially provide quite the shelter


  3. The prototype for a new NASA rover is being tested for underwater space exploration


  4. Watch a live video stream from the International Space Station

    NASA’s new High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) experiment lets us watch the Earth from space







  10. Heavy-metal frost, methane fog, and more: 9 photos of the wildest weather in the universe



  12. “Since the end of the Cold War, America has been space’s sole superpower, and it’s not ceding that status without a fight. But in this hushed race for control of the orbit around Earth, China doesn’t need to control everything to win; it just needs to take away the U.S.’ strategic advantage. And it’s doing so by turning the U.S.’ own strength against it.”

    — Eugene Chow, in The U.S. is in an under-the-radar space race with China — and it’s losing


  13. -135.7

    The temperature measured by NASA satellites in Eastern Antarctica c. August 2010, in degrees Farenheit (-93.2 Celsius).

    It’s the coldest temperature on Earth in recorded history.