1. Forget the patches, the electronic cigarettes, the nicotine gum: Pretty soon quitting smoking could be as simple as getting one single shot. 

    Researchers have created a vaccine that floods the body with an antibody that stops nicotine from reaching the brain, rendering the relaxing effects of cigarettes ineffective.

    The vaccine tricks the body into creating antibodies that attack nicotine as soon as it enters the system, effectively making it impossible to experience that “high” you get from a cigarette. Its creators used a harmless virus to sneak instructions for making special nicotine-targeting antibodies into the liver, kind of like a “Trojan horse.” Once those cells were “infected” by the virus, they began to produce a protein that targeted the cancer-causing chemical. "It’s sort of like having Pac-Man floating around in the blood," says researcher Ronald G. Crystal of Weill Cornell Medical College in New York. 

    When tested on mice, just one vaccine was enough to last their entire lives


  2. Yogurt: The secret to male sexual prowess

    Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were using mice to study how eating yogurt affects weight gain when they noticed something strange.

    "You know when someone’s at the top of their game, and they carry themselves differently?" explained one researcher. "Well, imagine that in a mouse."

    Not only were yogurt-fed rodents noticeably slimmer than their peers, but the males exhibited a distinct sexual “swagger,” complete with shinier fur and more pronounced… features