1. Behold: Intel’s “smart” baby onesie:

    It can, along with monitoring the baby’s heartbeat, determine when junior is waking up hungry and then start to heat up his bottle, all while Mom and Dad remain blissfully asleep.

    That sounds pretty creepy to us.


  2. Say hello to WildCat, a cheetah-inspired military prototype that can prance and gallop at 16 mph.  The company that made this and a bunch of other military robots was just bought by Google.


  3. Not all drones are killers.

    A San Francisco-based lab called Darwin Aerospace has successfully test-launched an automatic delivery service that uses GPS-equipped drone to deliver burritos. (The burrito is loaded into a canister with an attached parachute, and the drone drops it over its target.) The “Burrito Bomber,” as it’s appropriately called, won’t be available for commercial use until meeting FAA approval in 2015.

    More non-lethal drones

    (Source: theweek.com)