1. 29 adorable slang terms for sex (from the last 600 years)

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  2. 11 classy insults with classical Greek and Latin roots

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  5. "GOOOOOOOOOOOAL!" is but one possibility

  6. Germans have a really hard time saying ‘squirrel’

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  9. The Russian version of “Let it Be” is…uh…different

    Everything’s happened before in the world

    People are always the same

    That’s how it was, it is, and always will be

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  11. You’d think a Sauvignon Blanc characterized as smelling like cat pee would be awful. You’d be wrong.

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  12. Sakte-TV

    The Language Council in Norway chose sakte-tv (slow-TV), reflecting the popularity of shows like “National Wood Fire Night,” a four-hour discussion of firewood followed by an eight-hour broadcast of a crackling fire. Some of the good competitors were rekkeviddeangst (range anxiety) — the fear that the battery of your electric car will run out before you can get to a charging station — and revelyd (fox sound) because, of course, Ylvis.

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  13. Niblings.

    A new term for your nieces and nephews. Use of this term seems to be growing among aunts and uncles who want an easy way to refer to their little bundles of sibling-provided joy in a collective or gender-neutral way.

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