1. How an awesomesauce new suffix came to be

    This etymology is seriously nerdsauce


  2. Ever wonder why the plural of ‘mouse’ is ‘mice’? Blame umlaut.

  3. Exotic means there, not here. Them, not us. You, but definitely not me. Exotic is a word defined by the speaker’s perspective, which assumes dominance and normalcy over the person being called exotic.

    I’m not a parrot. So don’t call me exotic.

    It’s a micro-aggression. It’s a backhanded compliment. And it’s simply inaccurate.


  4. Sometimes English takes it a step too far, does something so brazen and shameless we can’t just let it slide.

    Why is “colonel” spelled that way?

    Blame the French — and a little tactic called “dissimilation”


  5. 29 adorable slang terms for sex (from the last 600 years)

    When it comes to the ol’ houghmagandy, a little mystery goes a long way


  6. 11 classy insults with classical Greek and Latin roots

    Next time you punk a ructabunde, don’t be so excerebrose


  7. 7 language habits that reveal your age

    Do you use “they” in a singular form? You are probably not a member of the Greatest Generation.


  8. 5 words that are badly broken

    Some words are born from strange splits that were never meant to happen


  9. "GOOOOOOOOOOOAL!" is but one possibility

  10. Germans have a really hard time saying ‘squirrel’

    Watch this video and see for yourself




  13. The Russian version of “Let it Be” is…uh…different

    Everything’s happened before in the world

    People are always the same

    That’s how it was, it is, and always will be

    4 crazy, early foreign language versions of Beatles songs