1. The cold days of winter are finally over, and spring is upon us! Soon enough, the plants that have gone into hiding will grace us with their green leaves, but not without a little help from Mother Nature. We all know what springtime means: Lots and lots of rain. And with that rain comes umbrellas. So let’s embrace the wet season with this colorful medley of umbrellas from around the world.


  2. Photos taken over nine consecutive days demonstrate the air pollution levels in the sky over Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Air quality in Beijing has been at “very unhealthy” and “hazardous” levels since the beginning of this year. PHOTO: REUTERS/Wei Yao


  3. Drones aren’t always the rights-infringing death machines conjured up by news stories. Sometimes they do the world quite a bit of good. Take the above nature footage by Thomas Renck, a hobbyist whose camera-equipped tricopter captured a pack of wild coyotes sweeping across a hillside in Riverside, Calif. The vantage point makes the video look like something straight out of a Discovery Channel documentary.

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  4. A flamingo shies away from the camera while in its enclosure at a zoo in Wuppertal, Germany. PHOTO: REUTERS/Ina Fassbender

    Smoke from a bushfire billows overhead as beachgoers frolick in Tasmania, Australia. The blaze reportedly destroyed more than 80 homes as temperatures in the small island state reached record highs. PHOTO: REUTERS/Joanne Giuliani

    A Siberian tiger sinks its teeth into a frozen chicken during a hot summer day at Rio de Janeiro’s zoo. Temperatures in the southern hemisphere city topped 95 degrees this week. Click through for a look at more of the week’s most impactful images from around the globe. PHOTO: REUTERS/Sergio Morae

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  5. Pedestrians cross the flooded St. Mark’s Square on Nov. 20, 1952 (top) — just as they will 60 years later (bottom). 

    Venice is notoriously prone to flooding, particularly in autumn. But after this week’s heavy rains, nearly three-quarters of the canal-laden city was submerged, with the tidal mark reaching its sixth-highest level since 1872. Nonetheless, Italians and light-hearted tourists carry on, utilizing makeshift bridges, donning swimsuits, and lounging in the veritable pool that is St. Mark’s Square. More images of Italy’s flooded wonderland throughout history.


  6. Photo of the day: Thousands upon thousands of Muslim pilgrims gather in the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The annual Islamic pilgrimage, or Hajj, which officially begins on Oct. 25, draws three million visitors each year, making it the largest annual gathering of people in the world. 

    PHOTO: AP Photo/Hassan Ammar


  7. Visitors look out at pink rock formations on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

    A new study finds that seeing awe-inspiring sights can do a world of good for your mental health. 



  9. The remains of a motorcycle, ruined homes, and signs of resilience. Colorado’s wildfires: A slideshow


  10. A snow-blanketed village church in a tiny town in the Swiss alps appears toy-like, shot from an aerial perspective. More of this week’s best photojournalism


  11. Japan’s Ghost Island. There used to be people here. Now there are none.



  13. Siberia. Because it’s lovely.

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