3. Songwriter inexplicably gets plastic surgery to look like Justin Bieber, fails

    He’s already had hair transplants, Aquamid injections, liposuction, and multiple cosmetic surgery operations



  5. Justin Bieber surprises Coachella

    The Biebs showed up to perform with Chance the Rapper on Sunday.


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    The week’s best editorial cartoons



  8. My initial reaction to the news of Bieber’s arrest fell between annoyance and despair. There’s something bleak and gross about all the instant rubbernecking, as adults across the globe breathlessly chronicle every minor development in the arrest of a teenager.”

    — Scott Meslow, in The right way to talk about Justin Bieber’s DUI arrest




  10. The American Music Awards celebrated its 40th anniversary Sunday with a rather colorful telecast that brought together the country’s most popular musicians, singers, and songwriters.  In one of the night’s biggest (and most awkward) moments, Jenny McCarthy accosted winner Justin Bieber with kisses.

    Here, a look back at 11 more iconic snapshots from the AMA archives.

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  11. The brown widow spider, which is reportedly “taking over” in southern California, loves hiding in the crevices of cheap patio furniture.


    Feats of derring-do
    Two racecar drivers at the X Games successfully zip through a giant version of the popular Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare toy — essentially, an upside-down loop the size of a six-story building. [Geekosystem]

    Cheesy July 4 stunts
    In honor of Independence Day, a Wisconsin cheese artist begins carving a replica of Mount Rushmore (called My Country ‘Tis of Cheese) out of a 640-pound block of cheddar. [Death & Taxes]

    The Biebs
    Baby-faced pop music sensation Justin Bieber graduates from high school. [The New York Times]


    Sun-loving arachnophobes
    The population of brown widow spiders explodes in southern California. [Los Angeles Times]

    Keeping kids away from painkillers
    The makers of addictive painkiller OxyContin aim to get FDA approval for a version of the drug that could be administered to children as young as 6 years old. [The Daily]

    The ‘burbs
    A new report finds that for the first time since the 1920s, U.S. cities are growing faster than the suburbs. [TIME]


  12. Sorry, Biebs: A New York City principal found herself in hot water for trying to play Justin Bieber’s “Baby” at a kindergarten graduation


    Feeling safe
    New FBI data finds that the violent crime rate in the U.S. dropped for the fifth straight year, approaching a low not seen in decades. [Newser]

    Staying out of trouble
    A new study finds that the average per-person profit from a bank heist in the U.S. is a mere $4,330. [Business Insider]

    Early birds
    Researchers say that those who consider themselves “morning people” tend to be happier. [LiveScience]


    Anatomical discoveries
    A pair of what appear to be lungs are found just sitting on a sidewalk in Los Angeles. [Reuters]

    Brainiac paydays
    The Nobel Foundation looks to save money by slashing some of its prizes from $1.4 million to $1.1 million. [Slate]

    Justin Bieber’s squeaky-clean image
    A New York City principal prompts public outcry when she attempts to play Justin Bieber’s “Baby” at a kindergarten graduation ceremony instead of “God Bless the USA” — a patriotic song she deemed too controversial. [Politicker

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  13. #BieberFail

    The numbers are in on Justin Bieber’s February Vanity Fair cover, and they’re not good. The issue sold just 246,000 copies, making it the lowest-selling Vanity Fair in 12 years. Bieber isn’t exactly the first big name to do small sales on the newsstands. Here, a slideshow of eight other cover boy (and girl) fails