2. Ain’t that a bitch?



  5. The week’s best editorial cartoons

    Artists take on the celebrity hacking scandal, Obama’s leadership, and more


  6. This is the most Joe Biden-y photo you’ve seen all year

    It was one of FDR’s vice presidents, John Nance Garner IV, who is credited with comparing his heartbeat-away-from-the-presidency office as “not worth a bucket of warm piss.” That’s kind of the premise of Veep, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ well-regarded HBO show. In this photo — maybe the most Joe Biden-y photo ever, second only to The Onion's iconic photoshopped shirtless Joe Biden washing a Trans-Am at the White House — Joe Biden doesn’t make the office look all that shabby.





  10. "You are so pretty. God love you, holy mackerel."

    "Spread your legs — you’re gonna be frisked!"

    "Need any help on your pecs, man, give me a call."

    The vice president clearly loved holding court in the Senate, making hilarious and vaguely inappropriate comments to lawmakers and their families. WATCH: Joe Biden’s wackiest one-liners from swearing in the 113th Congress


  11. The VP debate: Who told the biggest whoppers? 

    • Biden: We didn’t know they need more security in Benghazi
      The verdict: “Mostly false”

    In the wake of the deadly attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya, “we can’t say whether requests for more security — which were denied — reached the top,” says FactCheck.org. But we know they made it to the State Department. In a congressional oversight committee hearing this week, Eric Nordstrom, a former top security official in Libya, testified that he had asked for more security in Benghazi, but was rebuffed so flatly that it was “abundantly clear we were not going to get resources until the aftermath of an incident.” Charlene R. Lamb, a deputy assistant secretary of State for diplomatic security, testified that she refused the request because the department’s strategy was to train Libyans to protect the compound.

    • Ryan: It took weeks for Obama to call the attack terrorism
      The verdict: “Mostly false”

    Obama called the assault, which killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, “an act of terror” on Sept. 12, the day after it happened. Still, White House spokesman Jay Carney, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, and other administration officials continued for days to describe the incident as part of a wave of protests provoked by an anti-Islam video.

    • Biden: Romney wanted to let Detroit go bankrupt
      The verdict: “Half-true”

    Biden’s wording came from an opinion article Romney wrote in The New York Times that ran under the headline “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt,” but “his point was never that he wanted the auto industry to go down the tubes,” says The Associated Press. He advocated General Motors and Chrysler going through a “managed bankruptcy,” in which they could discharge their debts and emerge “leaner” companies. GM and Chrysler did go through bankruptcy, and received $80 billion in federal assistance from the Bush and Obama administrations. Romney wanted them to use private money instead of government funds, even though independent analysts say that in 2008’s “frozen” credit markets, private funding “was not a viable option.”

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  12. There’s not more than a handful of voters in America who are bigoted enough to hold a position on marriage equality against a candidate for President above all else, or at least not more than a handful who wouldn’t already be voting against Obama because they already think he endorses what he has strained not to endorse. […] Moreover, the only impression you get from this word-parsing and game-playing is one of a cynical campaign operation unable to articulate a strong statement of principle.

    —David Dayen at Firedoglake

    Gay-marriage supporters’ patience with Obama is wearing thin. Most observers on both sides of the issue think President Obama secretly supports gay marriage but won’t say so publicly for political reasons. Would Obama be better off if he just endorsed same-sex marriage?


  13. Revelations from bin Laden’s diary

    Topping the list of bin Laden’s key targets is President Obama, followed by U.S. military leaders including the defense secretary and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. A note specifies that the vice-president is “not an important target because that position has less weight,” an official tells ProPublica's Sebastian Rotella. In other words, says Jeff Neumann at Gawker, “[bin Laden] thought Joe Biden wasn’t worth the time or effort to target.”

    This and other key revelations from the al Qaeda leader’s diary