4. The strangest inventions ever patented

    From an accidental masturbation preventer to a faceplant facilitation device…


  5. The firsts of the First World War: A visual history

    World War I was one of the deadliest wars in history. But it also produced a plethora of innovations in science and society.



  7. Bristle me this:

    Blizzident's 3-D printed toothbrush may look like a mold of Venom's mouth, but the creators guarantee that it can brush a person’s teeth in just six seconds. Users simply have to grind down on the device 10 to 15 times, and voila, your teeth are pearly white. The copious amounts of bristles clean the teeth in an up, down, left, right, forward and backward motion all at the same time, shaving minutes from your day. That is, if you’re willing to spend $299 for the product, which is molded specifically for your mouth — and then $89 per additional toothbrush.

    Open wide for the toothbrushes of the future



  9. Behold: Intel’s “smart” baby onesie:

    It can, along with monitoring the baby’s heartbeat, determine when junior is waking up hungry and then start to heat up his bottle, all while Mom and Dad remain blissfully asleep.

    That sounds pretty creepy to us.


  10. See that little object right there?  It’s floating.  In mid-air.  Using only sound waves.

    Here’s how Japanese scientists did it.


  11. The tenderloin
    Boring, actual name: Ultra-Sensitive Reconstituted Collagen Condom
    Developer: Mark McGlothlin at Apex Medical Technologies, San Diego

    Innovation: McGlothlin decided that the best way to make a condom that feels like a second skin is to reinvent the leather condom, in this case using collagen fibers from bovine tendons. Yes, it’s a cow condom.

    Meet the 11 condoms of the future selected by Bill Gates


  12. Cat-inspired inventions:

    Jack Randall Kidwell’s “Device for Collecting Cat Hair”

    James Piccone’s “Furniture Device for Cats”

    …and Leo O. Voelker’s no-muss no-fuss bird trap (that feeds your cat the trapped birds)

    12 bizarre cat-related patents


  13. We’re not in T-1000 territory yet, but scientists have accidentally created self-healing metal.