1. The greatest national security threat to this country right now is not a great power war. The big problem these days is international terrorism, and one of the biggest things stoking international terrorism is U.S. overreach itself. To stop terrorism, it helps to stop behaving like Osama bin Laden’s caricature of America, and a smaller military will make is somewhat more difficult to start counterproductive wars of aggression.

  2. “Since the end of the Cold War, America has been space’s sole superpower, and it’s not ceding that status without a fight. But in this hushed race for control of the orbit around Earth, China doesn’t need to control everything to win; it just needs to take away the U.S.’ strategic advantage. And it’s doing so by turning the U.S.’ own strength against it.”

    — Eugene Chow, in The U.S. is in an under-the-radar space race with China — and it’s losing


  3. Cartoon of the day: Solving Egypt’s future 
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  4. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was hastily dispatched to the Mideast on Nov. 20 to help end a week of fighting between Israel and Hamas militants. While a potential cease-fire is in the works, many people continue to report via Twitter that explosions are ongoing.

    10 incredibly moving images from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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  5. An Israeli missile from the Iron Dome defense system is launched to intercept incoming rocket fire from Gaza on Nov. 17 in Tel Aviv. Photo: Uriel Sanai/Getty Images

    "The significance of rockets fired on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem should not be underestimated," says Amir Oren with Israel’s Haaretz. "The imaginary barrier has been breached, and in a war of attrition, psychology is considered very important, especially in a population hovering between hope and despair." 


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