2. Michael Buble sings ‘Let It Go’ with a full string orchestra

    Michael Buble’s Instagram followers have had an extra treat during his ongoing tour: The chance to vote on the song he uses as his backstage warm-up


  3. James Franco reveals he doesn’t get (or care) how the internet works

    James Franco has turned his celebrity into something of a spectator sport — both wittingly and (probably) without meaning to. So he couldn’t have been too surprised when David Letterman chose to broach the topic of his Instagram account on The Late Show Thursday night.


  4. This is the most Joe Biden-y photo you’ve seen all year

    It was one of FDR’s vice presidents, John Nance Garner IV, who is credited with comparing his heartbeat-away-from-the-presidency office as “not worth a bucket of warm piss.” That’s kind of the premise of Veep, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ well-regarded HBO show. In this photo — maybe the most Joe Biden-y photo ever, second only to The Onion's iconic photoshopped shirtless Joe Biden washing a Trans-Am at the White House — Joe Biden doesn’t make the office look all that shabby.




  7. Wow, ninawanco’s Mom and Dad have really great taste.  Ninawanco’s pretty cute too…

    10 amazing and adorable animals you should follow on Instagram right now


  8. As Stalin learnt in June 1941, it’s not official unless it’s Facebook official. The twice-named Time Person of the Year found out the hard way not to trust your supposed friends, and so it would likely be his recommendation to be clear how public your relationships are. If you choose Open Relationship, however, then you’re just asking for it.

  9. #nofilter: Darth Vader’s first Instagram selfie isn’t so hot.  

    Here’s how Vader blew it.



  11. George W. Bush understands the entire point of the internet is cat photos.

    The Republicans of Instagram


  12. Selfies, which is not a word I use naturally in my real life, are a way of taking ownership of my body and deciding how I want to be seen.
    — Amy Rose Spiegel, from “Why we take selfies

  13. Did you hear? Instagram supports video clips now. Here’s what you should know about it.