1. In response to his charitable campaign, Beck’s listeners evidently flooded him with threats made against his life and work… So much for the Christian mission of mercy and tenderness. For Beck’s enraged audience, any act of kindness, no matter how small — the immigrants would have eaten whether or not Beck served the food, and ‘millions of dollars’ were never on offer — was too great a risk.

    Immigration, charity, and conservatives’ unholy assault on Glenn Beck

    When Glenn Beck announced he would deliver food and toys to immigrant children, the attacks were blistering — and profoundly unchristian


  2. The week’s best editorial cartoons

    Artists take on the fighting between Israel and Gaza, unrest at the border, and more






  7. Ann Ross is a forensic anthropologist (yes, like you’ve seen on CSI) and she spends her day reading skulls. She and her colleagues invented a piece of software that compares digital scans of unidentified skulls to a database of other skulls. What comes back is eerily specific

    The secret language of skulls


  8. 50%-150%

    The potential increase in world economic activity from the free flow of workers across borders.

    How open immigration could double the global economy


  9. As Ellis Island reopens to the public after repairing the damage from Superstorm Sandy, here are some photos of the landmark before its transformation from an immigration hub to a historical attraction.

    When Ellis Island went silent


  10. The full version of our new cover, out tomorrow. 


  11. You know the handheld shooters used to launch T-shirts into crowds at basketball games? Apparently, they can be used in other, very illegal ways.

    Last weekend, U.S. Border Patrol agents found 33 cans holding 85 pounds of marijuana scattered across a field near Yuma, Arizona. After a little more nosing around, they also found an empty carbon dioxide tank. Their conclusion: Mexican drug smugglers are now using pneumatic cannons — essentially larger cousins of the devices used in sports arenas — to shoot their wares at least 500 feet into the U.S.

    The can-shooting cannons are also suspiciously similar to ones built on the TV show Mythbustersanother possible inspiration.

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    PHOTO: David McNew/Getty Image

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  12. "That’s it, I’m moving to Canada." So goes the liberal response every time the Democratic candidate loses a presidential election. The prospect of four years of Republican rule makes America’s northerly neighbor — where everyone has health care, gay marriage is legal, financial regulations are strict, and the death penalty is abolished — seem like a sanctuary of progressive values. 

    But, can you really move to Canada if your candidate loses?

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  13. Cartoon of the day — Who’s the boss
    BOB ENGLEHART © 2012 Cagle Cartoons

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