1. To-do lists are evil. Schedule everything.

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    Get it while it’s cold (outside)! A no-fail tomato soup recipe


  3. Kim Kardashian’s ring is 15 carats.  But if you don’t have Kanye money, here’s what you need to know to get a great engagement ring.

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  4. 4. Wear sensible shoes that suggest you plan to stand in front of the sink for a few hours after dinner:

    Your red-soled Louboutins will play like a cape in a bullring if they are kicked up after dinner.

    How to get invited back for Thanksgiving dinner


  5. 5 rules for taking #selfies on Instagram (if you must)

    First, let’s define what a selfie is. Just so we’re clear:
    1. It’s a picture with your face in it.
    2. You took the photo yourself. Another human being was not involved.
    3. It is shared on the internet — Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or whatever.

    Now, the rules:

    1. Selfies are off-limits for anyone over 21*
      Are you allowed to legally consume alcohol in the United States of America? If so, you are too old to go fishing for compliments with a self-portrait. Leave the selfies for Snapchatting teens who can use the word “ratchet” in a sentence without Googling “ratchet” and “urban dictionary” at the same time.

      *Exceptions: Fashion bloggers, models, and anyone else who makes a living off of their appearance is exempt from this rule. So is anyone 21 or over who’s using the selfie to communicate something new to friends. New haircut: Great! New glasses? Snap away! GoofyMovember mustache? By all means, share. Same old you? Put the camera down.

    2. The following words and phrases are banned from selfie captions:

      "Ready for bed""Good morning!"
      "Hitting the gym"
      "#GQ" (LOL)
      "Work hard, play hard"

    Essentially, ask yourself, “What would Kim Kardashian do?” Then do the opposite.

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