1. "Religion is a serious subject, and Hollywood doesn’t do well with serious subjects — because Hollywood’s goal is to make money, not art. If the major studios started producing more big-budget movies on religious topics, all we’d end up with are more dumbed-down portrayals of religion." — Damon Linker, in Hollywood’s real problem with religion


  2. Laurence Olivier:

    Between 1939 and 1978, Laurence Olivier was nominated for 10 Oscars, with a Best Actor win for the title role in 1948’s Hamlet and a Lifetime Achievement Award at the ceremony in 1979. Just two years later, he won a Razzie for playing General MacArthur in the critically maligned Inchon, beating out the likes of Willie Aames in Zapped! and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan the Barbarian. When asked why he had agreed to star in a film like Inchon in the first place, Olivier gave this now-legendary response: “Money, dear boy. I’m like a vintage wine. You have to drink me quickly before I turn sour.”

    8 Oscar-winning actors who have also won Razzies



  4. "The basic concept of lower-budgeted titles based on lesser-known characters is an enormously refreshing change from the tiny box Hollywood currently places superhero comics in. There are so many superhero movies in the pipeline right now that it’s time to stop thinking of them as a subgenre of the action movie and time to start thinking of them as a genre of their own — capable of telling stories that can be compelling and lucrative with diversity in tone, budget, or rating.”

    Coming soon: A different kind of superhero movie


  5. The Invisible Woman
    Directed by Ralph Fiennes
    Starring: Ralph Fiennes, Felicity Jones, and Kristin Scott Thomas

    What is it?
    Based on Claire Tomalin’s 1991 book of the same name, The Invisible Woman looks at the life of Ellen “Nelly” Ternan (Felicity Jones), a young actress who met Charles Dickens (Ralph Fiennes) at the height of his career and became his secret mistress until his death.

    Should you see it?
    Yes, but keep your expectations in check. The Invisible Woman is a relatively surface-level look at the relationship between Ternan and Dickens. The main reason to see The Invisible Woman is Felicity Jones, who turns in an excellent, layered performance as a woman caught between her need to keep secrets and a desire to freely live her life. (Thankfully, Fiennes understands that this is Ternan’s story more than Dickens’ and keeps the bulk of the focus on her.) That’s enough to make it worth seeing — but don’t go in expecting a new period-piece classic.

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  6. McDreamy played a young version of Kennedy once, among (many) others.

    9 actors who have played JFK


  7. F—- you. I’m dead on page sixty-four! How dare you send this to me.

    Charles Bronson — who was briefly considered for the role of Curly — to Billy Crystal

    Behind the scenes of City Slickers


  8. Pros: Can be very relaxing
    Cons: Requires an illegal Russian energy drink to activate

    The 9 best ways to time travel, ranked


  9. What happened to M. Night Shyamalan?

    Sony Pictures doesn’t want you to know that M. Night Shyamalan directed After Earth. The new sci-fi blockbuster, which stars Will Smith and his son Jaden, hits theaters tomorrow after a marketing campaign that has buried Shyamalan’s name so far down that you probably didn’t know he had directed it. It is, I imagine, an inauspicious position for Shyamalan — a director who was once widely and hyperbolically hailed as “the next Hitchcock” — to find himself in.

    So what happened?


  10. "I want to be seen, to be understood deeply and to be not so very lonely." 

    Jodie Foster gave a somewhat confusing but overall endearing speech at last night’s Golden Globes upon winning the Cecil B. DeMille award. Watch it here.


  11. Ke$ha’s “Die Young” pulled from radio stations across the country: Pop star Ke$ha’s unfortunately titled new single “Die Young” has taken a big hit in the wake of the shooting. TMZ reports that the song reached 167 million listeners on Friday, but had dropped all the way to 148 million listeners by Monday — a decline rivaled only by the Dixie Chicks’ disappearance from country radio after they criticized President Bush at a concert in 2003.

    10 ways the entertainment industry is being sensitive to the Connecticut massacre


  12. The Hollywood Foreign Press announced its nominees for the 70th annual Golden Globe awards early Thursday. Who was snubbed? Who came out on top? A few of our picks:

    Losers: AMC, Game of Thrones, Matthew McConaughey
    Winners: Anne Hathaway, Quentin Tarantino, Girls 

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    PHOTO: Universal Pictures

    (Source: theweek.com)


  13. We can rest easy: America’s lovelorn sweetheart Jennifer Aniston is engaged to Justin Theroux. But her romantic journey has not been easy. Aniston — a favorite tabloid target since her 2005 divorce from Brad Pitt — has endured countless gossip-rag reports of heartbreaks, fizzled romance, and even pregnancies with a string of Mr. Wrongs.

    Here, a look back at the magazine covers that hysterically tracked her road back to the altar.