1. 5 TV actresses who deserve much better movie roles

    Casting your next big Oscar contender? Call up one of these typecast actresses.




  4. Through sheer volume and reach, TIFF has become an ongoing reminder of the talent Hollywood is failing to capture — changing the question from ‘Where are the women?’ to ‘Why aren’t you hiring any of these women?’

    Why the Toronto International Film Festival is the best platform for female filmmakers

    This year’s festival offered 58 chances to see the latest in femme-centric filmmaking


  5. So Hollywood is dead because you’re just too cheap to pay for it? Hardly. If the popularity of Netflix is anything to judge by, users are happy to pay for content they deem to be fairly priced and worthwhile. … In regards to Hollywood’s current summer slate, customers voted with their wallets.

    Internet piracy isn’t killing Hollywood

    Hollywood is killing Hollywood


  6. Bacall recalls that her husband’s arm and hand were “swollen to four times their normal size” and a “terrible black thing [was placed] in his mouth to keep him from swallowing his tongue.” As she observed him, “he looked so unlike Bogie — still mercifully unconscious… enclosed in another world, protected not by me, but by those raised bedsides, with those bottles and tubes sustaining life.”


  8. In reality, no single breakthrough will ever break the norm. What it really takes is many smaller advancements coalescing into a larger movement. It’s only when we see distinct and palpable change in Hollywood’s subtler bad habits that we’ll know progress is truly being made.

    5 things that need to happen before Hollywood will ever truly change

    If these changes happen, then we’ll know Hollywood is finally moving in the right direction


  9. Hollywood can’t know audiences want something different if we don’t show that desire. We’ve reached the point that it will take effort to fight the blockbuster rabbit hole. It will continue getting harder to find anything diverse at the theater, and on shelves, if we don’t make the effort to see them when they come out now.

    Why audiences are responsible for the future of cinema

    It’s easy to succumb to Hollywood’s multimillion marketing campaigns — but cinephiles need to resist


  10. If studios succeed by making bad movies, other studios will follow suit. Social media buzz becomes more important to Hollywood every year, and it won’t take many more Sharknados before studios, filmmakers, and writers race to the bottom, creating terrible lowbrow art for the sake of irony (the one thing that we do not need more of these days).

    Sharknado isn’t just stupid. It’s bad for cinema.

    Will our fixation with “so-bad-it’s-good” lead to anything but more trash?


  11. Besson dismantles the idea that superheroes are all regular people with the same human impulses we have. As Lucy evolves, each move forward differentiates her because she’s no longer a typical human being. She experiences the world differently and ceases to relate to her old self.

    Why Lucy is the shot in the arm the superhero genre needs

    By questioning the very humanity of its protagonist, Lucy shows the limitations of Hollywood’s favorite genre — and points to a new direction going forward



  13. There are more prominent black films coming out now than were as recently as five years ago, but they’re not particularly original, or telling particularly ambitious stories. They’re repackaging stories considered rote by the modern moviegoing audience with the intentions of revitalizing them via the draw of unfamiliar casting — which is to say, non-white.

    Why Think Like A Man Too is proof that Hollywood fails black audiences

    It is just the most recent example of a troubling trend toward homogenization