1. These real-life Rosie the Riveters changed the face of labor

    Vintage photos from the Library of Congress capture a time when the country ran on womanpower


  2. 5 delightful science experiments from 100 years ago

    Caution: Some of these are pretty dangerous…


  3. 29 adorable slang terms for sex (from the last 600 years)

    When it comes to the ol’ houghmagandy, a little mystery goes a long way


  4. You’ll never have the patience and the persistence to put up with all of the boring parts that go into mastery, the repetition and the learning rules and procedures, following orders, being someone very low down on the totem pole in the beginning if you don’t love what you’re doing.


  6. Why did the Ming allow itself to become isolationist, stagnant, and backward-looking? Historians are divided, but the leading explanation is simply put, when a country thinks it’s in a golden age, it stops focusing on progress. America shows troubling signs of falling into this trap.


  8. 50 years ago, Muhammad Ali became the heavyweight champion of the world

    9 photos of the fight that crowned a king


  9. Should public schools teach the gay rights and civil rights movements as parallel narratives? That all moral criticisms of homosexuality are motivated by irrational animus? That virtually the whole of the Judeo-Christian tradition is homophobic? That the Roman Catholic Church, which continues to describe homosexual acts as “objectively disordered,” is the moral equivalent of a hate group?

  10. How to ensure it’s a boy (according to 100-year-old pregnancy guides)
    It all depends on which ovary you decide to use, obviously


  11. This week’s podcast explores The Fly Room and the foundation of modern genetics.

    Read more on this story and see photos of The Fly Room here.

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