2. The week’s best photojournalism

    In some of the week’s most eye-catching images, lightning streaks the sky, tourists eat with the fishes, and more





  6. Jon Stewart ardently tries to get Hillary Clinton to declare her presidential run, kind of succeeds

    The former Secretary of State played coy, but Stewart all but made the announcement for her


  7. Take a look at this week’s cover, featuring Hillary Clinton’s inevitable run at the presidency.



  9. 22 books to read in 2014

    A roundup of notable books slated for release in 2014, including new works by David Mitchell, Haruki Murakami, Herman Koch, Rebecca Mead, and more


  10. [The] gloves are coming off — this is hand-to-hand combat, and the GOP will not be the Jay Z to Hillary’s Solange.

    Stephen Colbert figures out that Hillary Clinton is Solange to the GOP’s Jay Z

    After a Harry Potter quip and very well-received jokes about how Hillary got to the White House the first time around, Colbert reached a not-very-surprising conclusion about what to expect in the 2016 race. Hint: It rhymes with bud-clinging.


  11. When did you start caring so much about the brain fitness of those who have to hold the Oval Office?

    Jon Stewart turns the tables on Karl Rove for his Hillary Clinton conspiracy

    Not even Karl Rove seems convinced about the wisdom of Rove’s suggestion that possible 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton suffered brain damage in late 2012. 


  12. If there’s one thing the conservative media is known for, it’s letting things go.

    Stephen Colbert gleefully tackles Fox News’s Hillary Clinton-Monica Lewinsky conspiracies

    On the Fox News side of the political spectrum, noted Stephen Colbert on Monday night’s Colbert Report, the lens was more narrowly focused on why Hillary got Vanity Fair to run the Lewinsky essay now.