1. Marvel’s Astonishing X-Men mutant superhero Northstar made history in 1992 when he declared, “I am gay.” He’ll do so again by proposing to his boyfriend Kyle in an upcoming issue.

    Meanwhile, DC Comics announces that one of its “major iconic” superheroes will also come out of the closet this June. “This is a huge deal,” says Entertainment Weekly. Here, a look at the growing number of gay comic book characters


  2. Patrick Dempsey doesn’t just save lives on TV. The Grey’s Anatomy star became a real-life hero when a teen’s car flipped over near his Malibu, Calif., home. Using a crow bar to pry the doors of the twisted wreck open, Dempsey pulled barely conscious teen Weston Masset to safety. Upon seeing the star, Masset asked, “Are you famous?” To which Dempsey said, “Yeah, I’m a doctor.” 

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  3. Last week a 10-year-old autistic boy ran away from his teacher and onto an icy pond behind a Rochester, N.H., school. As the teacher and the principal, Gwen Rhodes, chased after him, the boy fell through the thin ice. Rhodes sprang into action, diving in and hauling the child to safety. It was a “shining example” of the kind of “heart” educators have, says Julie Ryan Evans at The Stir. Rhodes said it was all in a day’s work: “What we do every day is what makes people who work in schools heroes.” Here, seven other teachers who have saved the lives of students


  4. In one of DC Comic’s ’90s-era AIDS-related PSAs, the Green Lantern swoops in to save two gay men who are being attacked because an unruly mob thinks all gay people — and only gay people — get the disease.

    “Not all gay people have AIDS,” says Green Lantern Hal Jordan. “Yes, gay communities were hit early and hard by the AIDS epidemic. But now AIDS is spreading fastest among people you wouldn’t expect.”

    The Green Lantern wasn’t the only DC hero to tackle stereotypes


  5. Brad Pitt doesn’t just play heroes in movies. While filming his upcoming World War Z over the weekend, the A-lister came to the aid of an injured extra, saving the woman from near-certain trampling. According to reports, the Oscar nominee noticed that the woman had fallen in an area that a crowd of actors was about to run through. (The actors were fleeing a cinematic herd of zombies.) Pitt scooped the woman up just in time, making him the latest celebrity Good Samaritan. Who are his heroic Hollywood cohorts? Here, a look at other big stars who saved the day